XFL ready to spend some serious dollars

XFL ready to spend some serious dollars

According to ESPN, Vince McMahon and his new company, Alpha Entertainment,  is ready to spend half a Billion dollars ($500 Million) in the first three seasons of the new XFL league.

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Where is the money going to?

According to CEO and Commissioner Oliver Luck, mainly for player and coaches salaries, which will “hover around $75,000, with players that are more in demand making much more than that”.

This goes along with McMahon’s statements at the original press conference, where he said “players will be paid to play, and more to win.” While it is still unclear of what exactly that means, one thing is for sure, these players will be getting paid significantly more than those of the original XFL, who made around $45,000.


Another expense is player insurance, “Luck didn’t say how much coverage the league will have but did say that the insurance premiums will come to more than $10 million a year.”

Will more investment equal a better viewing experience for fans? Will it mean we have quality football to watch? We will have to see.

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