WWE’s Best Looking Championship Belts

WWE’s Best Looking Championship Belts

WWE just recently revealed the new WWE United States Championship belt. I for one really like the look of the new US title, but it got me to thinking of all the belts WWE/WWF/WCW has had over the past. I’ll be the first to admit, the WWE has had some seriously horrible Championship belts (looking at you 24/7 title), but they’ve also had some of the best looking title belts in all of wrestling.

So, with a new Intercontinental Championship and a new United States Championship, I wanted to look at what I believe to be the 5 best looking Championship belts in WWE history!

Honorable Mentions

NXT North American Championship


Million Dollar Championship


“Smoking Skull” WWF Championship


5. NXT United Kingdom Championship

The number 5 spot goes to the newest title on this list. Originally, the belt was the WWE United Kingdom Championship after WWE announced a 16-man tournament to crown the inaugural Champion. After the tournament, the belt was featured and defended on NXT by the inaugural Champion Tyler Bate. The belt would eventually (after almost two years) find its permanent home on the newly formed sister brand of NXT, NXT UK.

The belt itself is absolutely beautiful. It just screams the United Kingdom with a coat of arms in the middle flanked by a horse and a lion on each side. The crown at the top of the center plate is sort of hard to see at first, but fits perfectly in the concept of this belt. They took their new WWE Championship, and added a UK feel to it, and it worked and looks gorgeous.

Wrestler that I think of at first glance: Pete Dunne
I know Tyler Bate was the first NXT United Kingdom Championship, and there have only been 3 total Champions, but this is Pete Dunne’s title. A 685 day reign and one of the best title entrances in wrestling (I mean really…clutching the belt in his teeth?) are the reasons I think this title is the Bruiserweight’s. Hopefully it can be featured again after COVID-19 is finished.

4. WWF/E World Tag Team Championship


Even though this Championship has gone through some small changes between the years of 1985-2002, the general concept of the belt stayed the same, and I for one love it. For some reason the red “World” with the blue and gold globe in the background makes this belt pop.

The belt was the WWF World Championship belt from 1985 until the company decided to “Get The F Out” and became the WWE. It then remained as the WWE Tag Team title just for 2002, and got a complete redesign that year. I think this is the best looking tag team belt WWF/E has ever had, and even though it wont be any time soon due to the brand split, I would love to see them bring it back.

Wrestlers that I think of at first glance: Money Inc.
I don’t know exactly why I think of Money Inc. but I do. I know some may think of Demolition (478 day reign) or The British Bulldogs, but I’ve always thought of Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster when I see these belts.

3. White Intercontinental Championship Belt


I will forever and always love this belt. In all actuality, it is probably my favorite looking belt in all of wrestling. Back in late 1989, The Ultimate Warrior debuted the Intercontinental Championship with a yellow strap. After that, we saw the Championship go through some different color changes, with Shawn Michaels having a powder blue strap and a white strap, Goldust having a straight gold strap, and The Rock having a purple strap.

In 2011, the future AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes brought back the white strap belt and man was it gorgeous. I know many people do love the classic black Intercontinental Championship, and it is a beautiful title, but the white strap just made it feel different and made the entire title pop. Cody definitely has an affinity for the classic wrestling scene, and bringing this title back was definitely a great call back to the good ol’ days.

Wrestler that I think of at first glance: The Miz
I know it sounds ridiculous to not have Cody Rhodes here seeing as how he brought the title back, but when you look at some of The Miz’s work holding this title, it’s incredible. Miz has held this title 8 times, and even though 2 of those times he only held it for a day, he and Dolph Ziggler made the Intercontinental Championship mean something again. I truly believe Miz is a top 5 Intercontinental Champion of all tine, and he is definitely who I think of when I see this belt.

2. “Winged Eagle” WWF Championship


I may get a little hate for not having this title number 1 on this list, but hopefully some of you will agree with me. This belt is absolutely beautiful and definitely an iconic belt in the WWF/E and will never be forgotten. The shape of the belt is different, with the wings of the eagle ending at the top of the belt and the two curved bars on the side makes it such a unique look.

The belt was introduced by Hulk Hogan in 1989 and was held by some of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the WWE like Andre the Giant, Ric Flair, Randy Savage and Bret Hart. At one point, the WWE had their current stars like Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose, and Sheamus, and man oh man did it look incredible. Kevin Owens holding the winged eagle belt almost brought a tear to my eyes. Like I said, I know it may get some hate, but I just feel my number 1 Championship is the best looking title WWE has ever had.

Wrestler that I think of at first glance: Bret Hart
As I was writing this, I originally thought of Hulk Hogan, just because he was the one that introduced the belt. But as my good friend and former GCSN writer Andrew Samaroo pointed out to me, when Bret Hart held this title, he made it feel important. He treated that title like it was the most important thing in the world. Plus, it was apart of the Montreal Screwjob so….why not?

1. The Big Gold Belt


The Big Gold Belt is the best looking Championship in WWE/WCW history. Don’t @ me. Maybe it’s because this is the belt that was predominately featured in the prime of my wrestling viewing life, but this…title…is beautiful. The belt technically spanned 3 different companies in NWA, WCW, and WWF/E primarily because of how beautiful it is.

Even though it feels like the belt is really complicated, it’s really simple. Gold center and side plates, black leather, with small rubies around the side. It’s just masterful and it just feels like the top prize in the company. It’s huge, it pops out, and it looks like an incredible piece of hardware. I love this belt, and I will always love this belt. It also helps that the title was featured on Raw, which was always considered the “A” show in the WWE and it made this title feel extremely important.

Wrestler that I think of at first glance: Triple H
From 2002-2005, this title was Triple H’s title. He was the inaugural champion, and held it 5 times throughout those years. You can say what you want about Triple H’s politics or relationships in the WWE, but this title is pretty much synonymous with Trips’. So many great memories of this belt involve Triple H, which is why I believe this is Triple H’s belt.

Featured Photo: Matthew Boyce | GCSN

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