WWE Releases More Superstars

WWE Releases More Superstars

The WWE has been on a roll lately as they have decided that budget cuts are the most important thing to the company even though they are making record profits. These budget cuts today were reportedly spearheaded by WWE Preisdent Nick Kahn and he doesn’t care about taking the heat for these cuts. As the WWE Releases more superstars, there’s no doubt that he is quickly becoming the most hated man in the company.

The biggest names released today were Killian Dain, Tyler Breeze, and Fandango. Breezango were not the only tag team from NXT released today though as Shane Matthews and Scott Parker, known as Ever-Rise were also let go by the company. Arturo Ruas and Marina Shafir round out the list of NXT talents let go today.

205 Live’s roster pretty much got it’s head chopped off today as Ariya Daivari, Curt Stallion, August Grey, and the Singh Brothers all got let go. After today the 205 Live roster has a total of six people currently on it. This looks like the end of the 205 Live era. Look for what’s left of the division to transition into NXT full time.

Reports are that the WWE is not done releasing people at this time so make sure you check back here at GameChangerSportsNetwork.com for any and all updates as we find out information regarding releases today ot in the future!

As the WWE Releases more superstars, we look forward to seeing where their career takes them and can’t wait to see them in their next project!

Picture Source: WWE.com

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