WWE: Monday Night RAW Review 8/2/21

WWE: Monday Night RAW Review 8/2/21

Monday Night RAW from Chicago this week, and that is a very timely place for WWE to be. The crowd hijacked the entire three hours of RAW but that is what makes WWE crowds so fun. People are speaking their minds. Would those same people say if RAW was a good show or a bad show? Perhaps… I don’t know any of them, so I could not tell ya.

RAW opened this week with “all mighty” Bobby Lashley and M.V.P. M.V.P. hyped up his man as the unstoppable force… the only man Goldberg can’t conquer. It was only a matter of time since the Hall of Famer himself showed up, which he did. Goldberg wanted to get something straight, and that is that Lashley is next on his list at SummerSlam. After Goldberg left the ring, M.V.P proceeded to verbally go after Bill’s son Gage who was sitting ringside. That did not fly with dear old dad. Goldberg then met M.V.P. with a spear for his troubles. This was a great way to start RAW and I think Lashley and Goldberg can have a great match at Summerslam if it is a short spear fest. Opening segment of RAW gets 4/5 stars.

What is it with RAW and two straight weeks of 2 on 1 handicap matches? Shanky and Veer faced Drew McIntyre. The match got thrown out once Mahal attacked McIntyre with a chair. McIntyre was able to scare away three men with chairs with one sword. I said this in last weeks review and it still holds true as WWE is focusing on the wrong story. The handicap match gets 1/5 stars and what is frustrating is in an interview right after McIntyre said, “We have known each other for ten years.” Yes so WWE actually play to that fact it is staring everyone in the face.

Nia Jax vs Rhea Ripley was next as Rhea prepares for her SummerSlam triple threat match. Nia Jax got cut around her left eye, which unintentionally added to the drama of the match. The match continued and the ref did not stop the match to tend to her cut. The momentum of the match would have died. Ripley won with a surprise roll up, which I am okay with because of Jax’s size. What was interesting here was the tension between Bazler and Jax. Looks like they are both heading for a breakup. Also Ripley showed off her strength, as she slammed Jax after the match. The match gets 3.5/5 stars.

Classic WWE 50/50 booking was next as MACE and T-BAR defeated Ali and Mansoor. I really like this tag team of Ali and Mansoor. It looks like Ali is slowly turning babyface while still having some heelish tendencies, which is a fun concept. However, this match was not too special as MACE and T-Bar got the win in less than eight minutes. This match gets 2/5 stars.

For my money Charlotte Flair is the best woman heel, in WWE history. She was hyping up her no disqualification match with Nicky A.S.H. while saying how people can only beat her by cashing Money In The Bank in on her. Essentially shortcuts are the only way to beat her, which was proved right. Nicky A.S.H. attacked her from behind with a steel chair but it was Flairs own fault as she threw the chair in the ring. The Flair promo gets 3.5/5 stars.

Tamina vs Dudrop was next, which I am not sure if I had her name wrong last week or WWE just changed her name. Anyway this is where the C.M. Punk started to come in. However, lets get back to the match, which was alright. Both women have size and strength and worked well together. Eva Marie cost Dudrop the match thanks to some bad cross body advice. After the match Alexa and Lilly appeared on the titan Tron, she seems to have an issue with Eva Marie who was not in the match. She said, “The loser of this match Eva Marie,” while continuing to laugh. I an not sure what WWE is going to do with Bliss since Bray Wyatt has been released. The match gets 1.5/5 stars.

After a funny promo between Damien Priest and Riddle, it was time for Miz TV with Priest as special guest. WWE talk show segments are overdone at this point. This whole spraying water thing is way too childish. The most serious thing about this segment was the match that proceeded it. Damien Priest vs John Morrison was a match between two good professional wrestlers that should have been longer. Ricochet and Sheamus were then out too add to the chaos.

Guess what happened next? A tag match between the faces and heels. Luckily this match was better then the one that preceded it. In totality of everything that happened, the segment plus the matches get 2.5/5 stars. If it was not for the spraying of the water, it would have been higher. Bobby Lashley then accepted Goldberg’s challenge for WWE championship at SummerSlam.

Riddle vs Omos was up next and Omos had evil intentions. Riddle used his speed to try and combat Omos but it was basically the slaughter of Riddle. Omos threw Riddle around and acquainted him with the floor. Riddle got very little offense in and Omos won handily. I have a feeling Randy Orton will be back soon. Another good match for displaying Omas’ dominance. For what the match accomplished, it gets 3/5 stars. Dudrop then attacked Alexa Bliss during Alexa’s playground.

More 50/50 booking up next in another rematch between Karrion Kross and Keith Lee. To be fair these two have great matches but WWE has once again booked themselves into a corner. Neither man could afford a loss, which Kross received after a “Spirit Bomb”. What is funny here is the commentary team was talking about how this is exactly what Lee needed to get his career back on track. What about Kross? I don’t know why he is losing at Lee’s expense. Give Kross Jobbers to run through to establish dominance. Regardless the match gets 3/5 stars.

Reggie was out to defend his 24/7 Championship against Akira Tozawa. The 24/7 championship, was defended in an actual match again this week. Regardless of the length of the match Reggie’s athleticism is impressive. No one is allowed to interfere in the actual 24/7 matches anymore. WWE needs to keep these rules. The 24/7 championship match gets 2.5/5 stars.

The no disqualification main event was next. I have to start with this it is always great to see the women in the main event spotlight. It is still looking like this is a Rey Mysterio type world championship reign. However, as long as Nicky overcomes the odds it is all worth it. The beating she received during this match had the Chicago crowd all the way behind her by the end. After Charlotte missed her mark on a spear attempt, she went through a table, which she setup in the corner. Nicky was able to take advantage with a corkscrew neckbreaker for the win. For the effort both women put forward in their roles, the main event gets 3.5/5 stars.

This is the most enjoyable episode of Monday Night Raw I have watched in awhile. This episode had a lot of good moments as opposed to bad. That has not been the case in weeks. Hopefully RAW can keep the momentum going forward. Overall this episode of RAW gets 3/5 stars.

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