WWE: Monday Night Raw Review 8-16-21

WWE: Monday Night Raw Review 8-16-21

Really WWE…. that was your go home show for the “biggest party of the summer.” In 2021 at full capacity, SummerSlam is literally the biggest show of the year. There were high hopes for this RAW considering it was the go home show. However, they were quickly shot down.

RAW opened this week with a Randy Orton promo. Orton is back for good now after previously being gone for almost two months. Now I’m sure there is a good real world reason for his absence. Despite that it is always good to have Orton on the television screen. Orton talked about why he attacked Riddle last week, which was because he did not need his help. This brought Riddle out to see if there was any chance for a RK-Bro reunion. For the moment there was not, as Orton turned his back on Riddle just before a match with AJ Styles.

As for the match, it was two extremely talent wrestlers facing off. The problem is if someone looked back through the whole time Orton was gone they would find more then one Riddle vs Styles match. WWE keeps going to the well with the same matchups. Styles won after a “Styles Clash.” If it was not for the law of diminishing returns, this match would have scored higher. The match gets 2.5/5 stars. After the match there were two separate promos, one from a sad Riddle and Nicky A.S.H.

The demolition of a World Champion continues. Nicky A.S.H lost once again. This time to second challenger at SummerSlam Rhea Ripley. WWE has to switch direction soon because this almost super hero character is not clicking. Has Nicky even won a match since she became champ? WWE tried to add something to this match by having Charlotte on commentary but she could not save it. This match gets 2/5 stars.

Jinder’s goons then took on Mcyntire for the millionth time. There is a trend here that has been plaguing WWE for years. There were a couple of dumb stipulations involving SummerSlam that I am not going to waste time on. This match gets 0/5 stars.

ANOTHER MIZ TV WAS NEXT WITH GUEST DAMIEN PRIEST. Why? It is clear that Miz and Morrison are breaking up because Morrison does not trust him anymore. Also I guess Morrison is the booker because he then made a nothing match between Priest and Miz. This match accomplished absolutely nothing especially after Sheamus came out to muck up the works even more. He did not do anything though, so what was the point? This mess gets 0/5 stars. Following this were three nothing promos and a segment at Alexa’s playground, which I am not dignifing with its own paragraph.

The next two matches went a combined five minutes. Both Mansoor vs Mace and Randy Orton vs Omas get 0/5. The latter was a disqualification finish. Why even bother having a match? Guess WWE really need to fill three hours with bogus excuses for television. In another news, RK-Bro is back together. They will be challenging for RAW tag titles at SummerSlam.

Karion Kross then demolished Jeff Hardy in a squash match. This is what WWE should have been doing from the start. Kross can be a huge monster heel in the same vein as Lance Archer in AEW. Since WWE finally did something right with a RAW superstar, this match gets 3/5 stars.

It is time for the 24/7 championship to die. I thought we were on the right path for a few weeks. However, the 24/7 championship is back in dumb territory. R-truth and Tozowa tried to sneak up Reggie in the park. They both failed epically. The outdoor segment gets 0/5 stars The most interesting thing on the show happened next. Elias is burying his old character. In this video, Elias pushed a gravestone with his name on it into the ground.

Charlotte Flair with mystery partner Nia Jax defeated Nicky A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley. Compared to everything else on this show it was good. Flair and Jax won. Generously giving this match 3/5 stars. At the same time, it was dumb because both Nicky A.S.H. and Ripley were made to look weak.

The main event showdown between Goldberg and Bobby Lashley was next. Before Lashley came out, Goldberg probably cut the best promo of his career. He talked about how his son is his everything and the reason he came out retirement. Lashley then came out to ruin the moment. Papa Goldberg then speared him to end this go home edition of RAW. The final Raw segment before SummerSlam gets 3/5 stars.

This is not how to build to the “biggest party of the summer.” Every build is nonexistent, and all the storylines on RAW are weak. This episode did nothing to help fans get excited for SummerSlam. This episode of Monday Night RAW gets 1.5/5 stars.

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