WWE Men’s MITB Potential Winners Ranked

WWE Men’s MITB Potential Winners Ranked

With WrestleMania in WWE’s rear view mirror, the first Pay Per View of its’ calendar year will take place this Sunday. The Money in the Bank match, and PPV itself, has become a staple of WWE in recent years, especially with the inclusion of the Women’s ladder match.

Today, the Game Changer Sports Network will breakdown the Men’s Money in the Bank match, and rank the possible winners from least likely to most likely.

With that said, let’s get right to the rankings for this Sunday’s Money in the Bank Match! (Men’s) :

Here for the fun of it – #8, #7, #6

#8) Finn Balor


The number 8 spot in an 8-man match does not seem too impressive, but we mean no disrespect to the current Intercontinental Champion.

Look for Balor to have a great showing, as the match will be conducive to some high-flying spots. Additionally, Balor has proven in the past that he can hang with the best of them in ladder matches.

However as long as Finn Balor holds the Intercontinental Championship, it’s hard to picture him also carrying the MITB briefcase as well. We hope this isn’t a case of WWE pigeon-holing Balor, and instead using the IC title as a stepping stone for bigger things to come on the blue brand.

#7) Ricochet


In his short time on the main roster, “The One and Only” Ricochet has proven to be a standout star. While most of his time has been spent in the tag team division, his body of work there and in NXT has given us plenty to cheer about.

With the Superstar Shake-Up, Ricochet has been provided a serious opportunity to showcase what he can do. Especially on a brand that can really use some high flyers.

Unfortunately for Ricochet, he is simply too new to be in serious consideration for winning the MITB briefcase. Look for him to provide plenty of fun moments in this match, if NXT TakeOver: New Orleans told us anything, Ricochet definitely knows his way around a ladder!

#6) Ali


Is anyone else noticing a trend with the bottom three competitors in this match? Small, agiel high flyers that will most likely provide a ton of great moments and action? However, what makes Ali different that his previous two competitors, is that he was being positioned for the main event earlier this year.

Until his injury in February, Ali was on the fast track to being legitimized as a main event player. Having great matches with the likes of Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and even the WWE champ at the time -Daniel Bryan. Unfortunately for Ali, an eye injury before Elimination Chamber put him on the shelf for a while, and ultimately halted his push.

With the past behind him, Ali will look to assert his presence once again. Unfortunately, it most likely will not equal a win for the former “Heart of 205 Live”.

Dark Horses – #5, #4

#5) Randy Orton


We give Randy Orton the #5 spot simply because…He’s Randy Orton.

The veteran has reached the point where losses don’t really matter, as his name alone adds value to any match and/or feud he’s involved in. With that said, the Viper is still a dangerous force in and out of the ring. Not only has Orton competed in 4 MITB matches, but he’s won the briefcase and cashed it in successfully.

With Orton’s star power, at any moment WWE can make him relevant again and remind everyone just who the 3rd generation star is. However, we wouldn’t suggest betting your house on it.

#4) Braun Strowman Sami Zayn


Yeah…we don’t know what to make of this either.

While it’s great to see Sami Zayn getting put into a high profile match, the fact that he’s replacing Braun Strowman is cause for great concern for the Monster Among Men’s character and status in the company. However, that conversation is for an another article.

Since returning to WWE TV following WrestleMania, Zayn has been putting on some solid performances in the ring and on the mic. Zayn’s new heel character is that of the bitter and disgruntled worker, who is tired putting his personal success above approval of the WWE Universe.

Zayn has participated in 2 Money in the Bank ladder matches, and has come up short twice. Unfortunately for Zayn, it’s looking like he’ll end up with the hat-trick at the end of the night on Sunday.

(Potential) Winners Circle – #3, #2, #1

#3) Andrade


We are now in the “(Potinetal) Winners Circle” and with that, we are down the the final three competitors in the Men’s MITB match.

Since arriving on the main roster a year ago, Andrade has had a consistent rise in match quality, and stock in the company. It is reported that Vince McMahon is very high on Andrade, and sees him as WWE’s next big Latin star.

With that type of support by the top brass, along with the presence of his loyal manager – Zelina Vega – Andrade is a strong favorite for this Sunday.

#2) Drew McIntyre


If you asked an average Joe or Jane on the street to describe what they think a professional wrestling bad guy would look like, it’d probably look like Drew McIntyre.

The Scottish Psychopath is one of the most imposing forces in WWE right now, and possess every quality to be a big time heel. From his look, work on the mic, and skills in the ring; McIntyre is primed to be the #1 heel in WWE.

With a need for strong heels to work with Seth Rollins and AJ Styles on RAW, there is a solid chance that McIntyre could get the Briefcase this Sunday. Making an already dangerous superstar, into a lethal one.

#1) Baron Corbin


Now before you X-out of this article and throw your computer or phone out the window, here us out!

Corbin is one of the only genuine heels in the WWE at the moment, as he is one of the only people that fans across the board sincerely dispase. From his cocky smile, to his weird suit, to his reminder that he beat Kurt Angle in his last WWE match – everything about Corbin makes a fan’s skin crawl. Since fans genuinely want to see Corbin get beat up and lose, the best thing for WWE to do is give them the exact opposite.

WWE could easily give Corbin the Edge and (ironically) Seth Rollins treatment; making him the slimy, conniving, opportunistic heel with a silver bullet. Regardless if Corbin is the fastest or the strongest, he becomes the smartest. More so, he has a silver bullet in the form of a briefcase.

This makes any match/segment with Seth Rollins (or AJ Styles, we’ll see what happens Sunday) must watch, as WWE may decide to pull the trigger at any moment.

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