WWE 2020 Draft Night 1 Recap

WWE 2020 Draft Night 1 Recap

Since being announced at Clash Of Champions, the 2020 WWE Draft has been the talk of the wrestling world, with everyone separated into two separate draft pools for Night One and Night Two there is sure to be some surprises. With Night one in the books, here is who is going to what brand. 

Before we get to the draft picks, here are the people that were drafted to RAW and SmackDown during Talking Smack after SmackDown went off the air. Heading to RAW, is Tucker, Drew Gulak, and Humberto Carrillo. Going to SmackDown is Murphy and Kalisto.

1. Monday Night RAW – Drew McIntyre 

With Monday Night RAW having the first pick of the WWE Draft, this is the most logical pick here with Drew McIntyre. McIntyre is the WWE Champion and he has been a focal point on RAW and they couldn’t risk losing the main champion and title to SmackDown.

2. Friday Night SmackDown – Roman Reigns

With Monday Night RAW selecting Drew McIntyre and the WWE Championship staying on the red brand, SmackDown went with the most logical pick here with the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Just like Drew McIntyre on Monday Night RAW, Roman Reigns is the focal point of SmackDown Live and the brand couldn’t risk losing their main champion and the title to RAW.

3. Monday Night RAW – Asuka 

Even though Monday Night RAW already retained Drew McIntyre and the WWE Championship, RAW is keen on keeping all of the top singles titles on the show that’s the case with RAW picking Asuka and keeping the RAW Women’s Championship on RAW. Since winning the RAW Women’s Championship at Money In The Bank, despite not having a lot to work with outside of Sasha Banks and Bayley, Asuka has been the focal point of the RAW Women’s Division and is someone that RAW can’t afford to lose. 

4. SmackDown – Seth Rollins

In the first surprise of the 2020 WWE Draft, Monday Night RAW is taking a blow here losing one of their top guys for several years with SmackDown selecting Seth Rollins. Ever since being selected by RAW w in 2016, Seth Rollins has quite the impact on Monday Night RAW over the past four years. With Rollins no longer on RAW, it will be interesting to see what he can do on the blue brand especially with the talented roster SmackDown has.

5. RAW – The Hurt Business ( Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, and MVP)

Even though Monday Night RAW lost Seth Rollins to Friday Night SmackDown, the brand did get to keep an important part of the show over with past few months selecting The Hurt Business consisting of Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, and MVP. Alongside The Hurt Business, Monday Night RAW once again gets to keep a singles title due to Bobby Lashley being the United States Champion. Over the past few months, The Hurt Business has been one of the most entraining things about Monday Night RAW. From invading RAW Underground, fighting against Apollo Crews, Ricochet and Retribution, and helping Bobby Lashley win the United States Championship over Apollo Crews at Payback in August

6. RAW – AJ Styles 

With Seth Rollins drafted to Friday Night SmackDown, Monday Night RAW addressed that problem by selecting AJ Styles. Over the past few months, AJ Styles has been keeping himself busy in the WWE Intercontinental Championship picture as champion and chasing to get his title back alongside Jeff Hardy and Sami Zayn. During his time as Intercontinental Champion, Styles has proven that he is still one of the best wrestlers in the world against Daniel Bryan in one of the best matches in 2020. Even though Styles has been in the mid-card over the past few months, he can be placed into the main event and give the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre a run for his money.

7. SmackDown – Sasha Banks

On SmackDown although Sasha Banks defeated SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley, it was by disqualification and Bayley is still SmackDown Women’s Champion. Even though Banks did not win the SmackDown Women’s Championship, she will be staying on Friday Night’s with SmackDown selecting her. With Banks staying on SmackDown, the brand will be keeping a focal point of the SmackDown Women’s Division and the feud between Bayley and Sasha Banks will be continuing on Friday Night SmackDown with Banks challenging Bayley to a Hell In A Cell Match at Hell In A Cell. Along with continuing her feud with Bayley, Banks was the first of four straight draft picks that are all strictly women. 

                                                  8. RAW – Naomi 

With SmackDown picking Banks, RAW adds athleticism to the Women’s Division by selecting Naomi. Since returning from a hiatus which lasted several months at the Royal Rumble in January, Naomi has been involved in the SmackDown Women’s Championship challenging for the title twice but was unsuccessful both times. Even though Naomi has been unsuccessful, outside of the title matches, Naomi has been lost in a crowed Women’s Division on Friday Night SmackDown. As of right now, Naomi is taking time off to get surgery once she returns, the change to Monday Night RAW is the best thing for her right now especially since MVP is hinting recruiting her for the Hurt Business when she returns.

9. SmackDown – Bianca Belair 

With Naomi off to RAW, Friday Night SmackDown addressed losing her continuing with the women’s getting drafted in back-to-back to back picks selecting Bianca Belair. Over the past few weeks, Belair has been showcased in a series of video packages showcasing her athletic ability. Even though she has not been in the ring in a while, SmackDown is known for being the land of opportunity. With that said, Belair has the ability and the potential to make an impact on SmackDown all she needs is a chance to showcase her skills, and what better way to do it than a fresh start on Friday Night SmackDown. Although Belair is on SmackDown, she has a chance to have someone close join her on SmackDown in her husband Montez Ford one-half of the Street Profits with Angelo Dawkins who are both in the Night 2 Draft Pool 

10. RAW – Nia Jax & Shayna Bazler 

Finishing with the trend of Women being selected several times in a row, RAW is still home to the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions picking Nia Jax & Shayna Bazler. Since winning the titles at Payback from Bayley and Sasha Banks, Jax and Bazler have been unstoppable taking care of every challenger that came their way. Even though the Women’s Tag Team division is lacking tag teams, Nia Jax and Shayna Bazler are looking to keep the titles on RAW for the foreseeable future and anyone who tries to take the titles away from them will be up to quite the challenge. 

11. RAW – Ricochet

In the first pick since AJ Styles going 6th overall, a woman isn’t selected here instead RAW gets to keep one of the most exciting wrestlers in WWE selecting Ricochet Over the past few months, Ricochet has been standing alongside Apollo Crews in his rivalry with The Hurt Business. Heading into the WWE Draft, Ricochet was one guy that would benefit from moving to Friday Night SmackDown that was not meant to be at the end of the day. Even though Ricochet is staying on RAW, he has the talent to be someone that can be extremely valuable to the brand    

12. SmackDown – Jey Uso 

With Jey Uso challenging Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at Hell In A Cell, this pick makes sense for SmackDown selecting Jey Uso. Even though Uso is seen as a tag team wrestler with his brother Jimmy Uso who is recovering from a knee injury, Jey has stepped up to the plate showcasing his ability to be a singles guy.   

13. RAW – Mandy Rose 

Going back to the women’s, just a few weeks ago Mandy Rose was traded to Monday Night RAW and now she will be staying there longer with RAW selecting her. With WWE needing more Women’s Tag Teams, Rose will be teaming with Dana Brooke which should be an interesting tag-team.

14. SmackDown – Dominik & Rey Mysterio

Over the past several months, Dominik & Rey Mysterio have been in a feud with Seth Rollins on Monday Night RAW but it looks like that feud will continue on Friday Night SmackDown with SmackDown selecting Dominik and Rey Mysterio. Since arriving in WWE in 2002, Rey Mysterio has made his name on SmackDown and now he gets to bring his song along with him. Even though the feud with Seth Rollins is going to be continuing, it is great to see Rey Mysterio go back to the brand where it all started this time with his son. 

15. RAW – The Miz & John Morrison 

With RAW losing Rey Mysterio and Dominik, the brand addressed that void with the next pick selecting The Miz & John Morrison. Before getting drafted to RAW Morrison and Miz have been busy trying to take the Money In The Bank Briefcase off of Otis going as far as suing Otis. With the RAW Tag Team Division lacking legitimate tag teams, The Miz & John Morrison will be a huge part of fixing that problem. 

16. RAW – Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods

In the most heartwarming moment of the WWE Draft, after Big E win over Sheamus, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods returned from their respective injuries confronting E backstage. Later on in the night, Kingston & Woods won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship defeating Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. Although it was a heartfelt moment, it did not last long it started with RAW selecting Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. With the SmackDown Tag Team Titles now on RAW, it brings an interesting scenario with the Street Profits being the RAW Tag Team Champions.


17. SmackDown – Big E 

After RAW selected Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods and not Big E it started to set in that the New Day was splitting up it became a reality with the next pick with SmackDown selecting Big E. Since coming together in 2014, Kingston, Woods and E were always on the same brand and have become one of the most popular stables in WWE history during their time together. Even though the group is now split up, SmackDown is getting someone in Big E who has the talent and potential to become Universal Champion if booked correctly.

18. RAW – Dana Brooke  

After the separation of The New Day, RAW added more to their Women’s Division in Dana Brooke. Before moving to RAW Brooke just like Naomi has been lost in the crowed SmackDown Women’s Division. With Mandy Rose now by her side, being on RAW could be what she needs to break out.  

19. SmackDown – Otis

Since becoming Mr. Money In The Bank, Otis’s run with the briefcase has been nothing but disappointing. Even though Otis had a forgettable run with the briefcase, he is still one of the most entraining things about SmackDown. SmackDown sees the value in Otis selecting him. Although Otis is staying on SmackDown, the same can’t be said about his tag team partner Tucker who is going to RAW. Along with the New Day, Heavy Machinery split up as well.

20th RAW – Angel Garza 

Since coming up to RAW as Zelina Vega client, Angel Garza has shown the potential to become a big star in WWE and that he has a bright future in the company. With that said, RAW thought long term with this pick selecting Angel Garza. Ever since Eddie Guerrero passed away in 2005, WWE has been looking for the next Hispanic megastar and Angel Garza has the charisma and the wrestling ability to become the next Hispanic megastar. 

Photo Credit: WWE  

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