Writer’s Thoughts

Writer’s Thoughts

Nationals take Game 1

The surprising Washington Nationals take game 1 of the World Series. Led by an impressive outing by future Hall of Famer Max Scherzer, the Nationals held there poise and denied the Astros their home field advantage. The headline coming out of this game is the continued growth of 20-year-old Juan Soto, having Baseball experts everywhere dropping their jaws at his exemplary talent and execution. The second year player is dominating on the world’s biggest stage and quickly pulling away as the Nationals’ best player. Soto led the Nationals with three hits including a solo home run in the fourth and a two run, two out double in the fifth. Even Gerrit Cole couldn’t help but comment on him after the game, saying, “I mean, he’s really talented.” Max Scherzer also stifled the Astros hitters with a solid line of, 5.2 IP 2 ER 7Ks.

Astros are resilient and experienced

Game 6 of the ALCS was everything that’s great about postseason baseball. From stellar pitching, to clutch hitting, this game had it all. I had the pleasure of watching this game in the Boston Italian North while eating some superb authentic food. I came to the Restaurant expecting to have a nice evening at a fine dining restaurant that would consist of all the usual bull crap conversations that usually occur during the course of a meal. However, this game had us sucked in and I nearly regurgitated my gnocchi all over the table when DJ LeMahieu hit that game tying home run in the eighth. A fabulous moment for a fabulous player that I was positive would seal the momentum towards the Yankees and force a game 7. But if there’s one team in the league that has the experience to handle this type of momentum and adversity, it would be the team directly sitting across the New York Yankees in the home dugout. Because what happened next showed the veteran presence and poise that the Astros have. Jose Altuve came up to the plate in the bottom of the tenth and hit an opposite field home run against the most tantalizing reliever in the game to send the Astros to their second World Series in three years. This proved two things. One, experience almost always shines through in clutch moments, and two, the Houston Astros are a resilient force that has dynasty great potential.

This series is STAR STUDDED

The amount of stars in this series really is fascinating. To have the privilege of watching Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole face off against Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg is one I will truly try to absorb and cherish. My heart warms at the fact that all the years of hard work has paid off for these guys and they are having the opportunity to play at this stage. In life, a common saying is, “you get what you deserve.” However in sports, reality can be cruel. Hall of Famers of elite calibers may never have the opportunity to compete for a championship due to being a team game. So to be able to see these great pitchers in the World Series is metaphorically a four leaf clover.

No longer America’s Darling Child

The Houston Astros are unfortunately vituperating themselves in the face of the general public. What’s unfortunate for them is, one of the reasons is beyond their control. They simply have been on top for a while now and people want to see the underdog win. Furthermore, they have inflicted controversy on themselves that has stained there indefectible reputation. One instance was shortly after the Astros victory over the New York Yankees. Astros Assistant GM, Brandon Taubman, yelled at female reporters, including one wearing a purple domestic violence bracelet. He was shouting and ranting how happy the Astros were that they acquired Roberto Osuna. (Osuna being a pitcher that served a 75 game suspension recently for Domestic violence.) This incident has been receiving a lot of backlash among the media and fans, and one that raises the question of MLB turning their back to civil issues and similar instances along the lines of this outburst. They released a statement on the issue, however were vague in apology, and ultimately denying the situation. Anyway, the Astros are shining an unnecessary light on themselves that may have an effect on the reputation and/or focus of their organization during this World Series run. 

Gentlemens Sweep

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you postseason baseball is all about pitching. Or that experience matters. Or that 103 wins is much better than 93. The Washington Nationals had a nice run this year. But the Houston Astros are gonna crush the hopes and dreams of every stake holder in the Washington Nationals organization and fan base. This team is too talented with too much experience and swag. The Astros will win the next 4 with a polite and respectful gentlemen’s sweep.

Featured photo: Kyle Hernandez – GCSN

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