WR Brandon Marshall Visit

WR Brandon Marshall Visit

From a player that was once a star to a player that is struggling to find a job now, WR Brandon Marshall is still looking for a new home. Marshall was cut from the Giants after failing a physical just before the draft.

The veteran Wide Reciever market has moved rather slow this offseason. Dez Bryant still hasn’t been signed. Marshall is still on the market. The younger guys who signed long term flew off the market.

It is being reported that Marshall was set to meet with the Seattle Seahawks today. The Seahawks could use the veteran presence and the leadership in the locker room.

The Seahawks have a WR core that includes Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, and Marcus Johnson. In this day and age of the air attack game, you need three viable wide-outs, a Tight End, and a receiving Running Back.

Picture Source: Washingtonpost.com

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