Winners Of Free Agency

Winners Of Free Agency

Free agency is a wonderful time of year for all 32 teams and their fans. Players head to new homes while fans enjoy hearing of a good player signing with their team.

Some teams do better than others. Some teams get better deals than others. Some players already signed get new teammates. Not everyone can win free agency, here are the five biggest winners from the 2018 Free Agency market.


Trubisky is hands down the number one winner of this free agent class. Chicago wasted no time this offseason brining in new guys for Mitch to throw the rock to.

The Bears started Free Agency with the announcement that they had signed WR Allen Robinson. Later on in the day it was also announced that the had signed WR Taylor Gabriel and TE Trey Burton.

The young stud of a QB now has weapons he can throw too. He has a lot of them now.


Drew Brees new contract is a steal for the team. He may be 39 years old but he is still one of the most elite players in the league. He will get $20 million next season with an option for the 2019 season at the same rate. He could have easily gotten much more money with a different team. Probably about $8-10 million more to be exact.


Cousin signed a three year, $86 million fully guaranteed contract with the Minnesota Vikings. He becomes the highest paid player ever.


The Jags landed the number one offensive linemen in free agency to their already top of the league rushing offense.

The signing of Andrew Norwell along with the signings of CB A.J. Boyle and DL Calais Campbell last season prove that Jacksonville is a free agent destination now.


Jimmy Garoppolo has proven to Free Agents that he wants to win in the long term.

Granted, Jimmy has only played in 5 games for the 49ers. He is 5-0 and John Lynch has already deemed him worth a huge contract extension.

This has lead to players like Richard Sherman to sign with them. Another team who’s actions thus far have made their team a free agent destination.

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