Wilson Suspended by NHL

Wilson Suspended by NHL

In another tightly contested playoff game, there was yet again another borderline hit that resulted in a suspension.

Washington’s Tom Wilson delivered a bone breaking hit to Pittsburgh’s Zach Aston Reese that resulted in a concussion and broken jaw for Aston-Reese.

Wilson is set to have a hearing today with NHL Player Safety where a suspension is a high possibility.

Looking at this hit, honestly I have seen much worse get nothing; however due to how NHL Player Safety has handled suspensions thus far, I think this hit will warrant one.

The hit took place directly in front of the Capitals’ bench and would have been legal had Wilson’s shoulder not made contact with Aston-Reese’s head; besides that and the obvious intent I see nothing wrong with this hit.

But, with head contact, and a significant injury resulting from the hit, Wilson did not help his case.

Wilson has been suspended 3 games by the NHL; history of suspensions and the injury of Aston-Reese warrants the suspension.

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