Will We See Becky AND Seth Lose Their Titles?! | 2019 Extreme Rules Preview and Predictions

Will We See Becky AND Seth Lose Their Titles?! | 2019 Extreme Rules Preview and Predictions

It’s time to get extreme! Well, I’m sure that’s what WWE wants us to think right? Extreme Rules is Sunday, July 14th on the WWE Network. I have to be honest, looking at this card, it doesn’t seem that bad at all. Granted, the Becky/Seth vs. Baron/Lacey match is kind of a “what?” moment, but other then that I think we’re in store for a good show! Let’s take a look at the matches we will see and a who I see coming out on top!

Tony Nese vs. Drew Gulak (c)
Cruiserweight Championship Match


Drew Gulak became Cruiserweight Champion after he pinned Akira Tozawa at Stomping Grounds in a triple threat match that included him, Tozawa, and the former Champion Tony Nese. Stomping Grounds was less then a month ago, so taking the title off of Gulak would pretty much diminish everything he’s done so far. Gulak and Nese are both great competitors, and I expect another great Cruiserweight match with Gulak retaining.
Prediction: Drew Gulak

Aleister Black vs. Cesaro


I….cannot wait….for this match. Aleister Black has been one of my favorite wrestlers since before NXT (Tommy End anyone?). He had a great run in NXT and he and Ricochet were treated like big names when they were called up. But then the Superstar Shake-Up came and we got Black begging someone to pick a fight with him. Was Cesaro the one knocking kind of a let down? Possibly. But when you think about it, this is going to be a wonderful match between two hard hitting guys that have been wrestling for a very long time. Black continues to look bad ass, and a win over the Swiss Superman is a huge step in the right direction.
Prediction: Aleister Black

Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley
Last Man Standing Match


It may be crazy to say, but I feel bad for Bobby Lashley. He was a terrific heel in Impact wrestling and according to rumor and innuendo (hey Conrad Thompson) he was brought to WWE with the tought of facing Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, but that obviously never happened. Braun Strowman continues to be slated as the most powerful Superstar we’ve ever seen. After that crazy spot where both men went through the LED wall, a Last Man Standing match is definitely the way to go.
Prediction: Braun Strowman

The Uso’s vs. The Revival (c)
Raw Tag Team Championship Match


The Uso’s and The Revival are two teams that I can watch battle every week and not get bored. I think they are easily two of the best tag teams in professional wrestling and I expect a barn burner of a match here. Now, would you take the Raw tag titles off of The Revival so soon? I wouldn’t and I don’t think that WWE would either. Now, IF they did, The Uso’s would be the team to give them to, but with the reign only lasting about a month, I think Dash and Dawson deserve a lengthy title reign before their probable WWE exit in April of 2020.
Prediction: The Revival

The New Day vs. Heavy Machinery vs. Daniel Bryan and Rowan (c)
Triple Threat Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match


Let me say this, AEW has proven that they take tag team wrestling seriously, something WWE has never been very good at. But when you have the kind of tag teams the WWE has? There’s no excuse for having a crappy tag division. This match on paper looks great. Heavy Machinery looked absolutely incredible in defeat at Stomping Grounds, and the New Day consistently put on great matches. Bryan and Rowan are coming into their own, with the chemistry forming more and more week after week. I believe that this was made a triple threat so Bryan and Rowan wouldn’t need to get pinned. So for me, it’s between New Day and Heavy Machinery. I can see a scenario where Kofi holds the WWE Championship, and Big E and Woods hold the tag belts.
Prediction: The New Day

AJ Styles vs. Ricochet (c)
United States Championship Match


THE CLUB IS BACK BABY! For a big Bullet Club fan, I love seeing Styles, Gallows and Anderson back together again. Heel AJ Styles is the best AJ Styles in my opinion, and him going up against Ricochet is a great test for the new United States Champion. The United States Championship has been through a lot since the beginning of the year with FIVE title changes. Ricochet needs to hold onto the US title, and for a long time at that. AJ can lose here and still look strong. Possibly he can go after the Universal Championship. A proper Seth vs. AJ feud anyone?
Prediction: Ricochet

Undertaker/Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon/Drew McIntyre
No Holds Barred Tag Team Match


The only question I have is, “would this match take place if Goldberg v. Taker was a success?” I seriously wonder if this is just Taker wanting to prove something to the fans after his match at Super Letdown, I mean Super Showdown. Now, I’ll be honest, I kind of enjoy the Shane McMahon story line. I don’t like how Shane is essentially an authority figure, making matches and sending wrestlers home, but the best in the world gimmick is hilarious to me. Either way, Reigns and McIntyre will take on the brunt of the match, which helps Taker and Shane. If Shane wins this match, then he might as well defeat Kofi for the WWE Championship.
Prediction: Undertaker/Roman Reigns

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. Bayley (c)
Smackdown Women’s Championship Handicap Match


So. I see this match going one of three ways. Either Nikki Cross will directly cost Alexa the match and Bayley retains. Bayley will pin Nikki herself and Alexa will turn on Nikki. Or Nikki will pin Bayley herself and Alexa will take all the credit. I personally believe Bayley will end up winning this match, but I just don’t see how Nikki Cross comes into play here. One thing is for sure though, and that is Nikki has been teasing that Bayely needs a friend. Could we see the return of the Boss Sasha Banks? As I said, I don’t know how it’ll happen, but I’m almost positive Bayley will retain.
Prediction: Bayley

Samoa Joe vs. Kofi Kingston (c)
WWE Championship Match


This match upsets me. Kofi Kingston is a Smackdown superstar. Samoa Joe is a Raw superstar. Doesn’t that pretty much guarantee Kingston is going to retain? Don’t get me wrong, the match will more than likely be great. I believe both men have the ability to put on an incredible match any day of the week. But this is just one reason why I believe the brand split is dying. Joe should be the WWE or Universal Champion right now, but I highly doubt he will do it here.
Prediction: Kofi Kingston

Baron Corbin/Lacey Evans vs. Seth Rollins/Becky Lynch (c)
Winners Take All Extreme Rules Match for the Universal and Raw Women’s Championships


I wonder how Becky and Seth feel about WWE using their relationship in an angle? According to everything I’ve seen online, a lot of people are upset that they turned it into an angle. Regardless, this is what we have. A winners take all match where if either Becky or Seth get pinned, they both lose their titles. A lot of people hate on Corbin and Lacey, but I tend to like them. But no way in hell do I want them to be Champions. With Summerslam approaching, I see no scenario where Seth and Becky lose their titles.
Prediction: Seth Rollins/Becky Lynch

Final Thought

As I said earlier, I believe this is a pretty good card. The Seth/Becky stuff is kind of corny, but other then that I don’t see a weak match on this card. Even the Taker and Shane stuff isn’t bad because Roman and Drew can be the focal point with the older wrestlers coming in for quick spots. It’s also good to actually see Extreme Rules matches on the Extreme Rules PPV! I expect a great night for the WWE. And hey! Just think, after this, we should get the full time experience of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff!


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