Why Lamborghini Needs An F1 Team

Why Lamborghini Needs An F1 Team

Ah, the Raging Bull. Creators of some of the maddest looking, craziest sounding, and scariest driving machines ever to touch pavement. Not only are they my all time favourite car manufacturer, but they are also largely credited with paving the way for the modern supercar. Launched in 1966, the Miura was the first production car ever to have its engine mounted behind the driver, a layout which would become the basic template for the majority of performance cars to come.

Lamborghini’s game-changing Miura, the original supercar

Yet for all its lustrous history, they’ve never competed in Formula 1. To discuss why they belong in F1, we need to examine their history in a bit more detail.

In the 1960s, Lamborghini’s founder, Feruccio Lamborghini, made a fortune building and selling tractors. He became so successful, he was able to afford a number of Ferraris. However, he was displeased with how unreliable the cars were. He wrote to Ferrari, in an appeal to make their cars more reliable. Ferrari’s response was, more or less, ‘silly man, stick to building tractors.’ Feruccio therefore decided to take matters into his own hands, and beat Ferrari at his own game.

He and a group of his engineers started building a car which would compete directly with Ferrari’s 250 GT sports car. They called it the 350 GT (basically Ferrari + 100. I love it). Ever since the ’60s, Lamborghini has continued building outrageous machines to consistently one-up the prancing horse. While their back catalogue isn’t quite as prolific, Lamborghini has still made a name for itself as one of the greatest supercar builders of all time. And it’s all due to a grudge between two angry Italians.

Lamborghini throws down the gauntlet with the 350 GT

However, for all its might, Lamborghini has never competed in Formula 1, which has been Ferrari’s main stomping ground since the inception of the sport. Lamborghini does compete in motorsport, though. It’s main stomping ground is it’s own racing series called Super Trofeo Lamborghini. And as you can tell by the name, the only cars that take part are, uh, Lamborghinis.

Ferrari’s main selling point with their cars is their heritage and history in Formula 1, which is regarded as the most glamorous form of motorsport. I believe that the ultimate way to continue to one-up Ferrari would be to compete in Formula 1. So in this continued spirit of being a thorn in the side of Ferrari, Lamborghini should compete in Formula 1.

For those of us who watch Formula 1, or are familiar with the history of the sport, there have been many fantastic rivalries throughout the years. There’s been Ayrton Senna Vs Alain Prost, there was James Hunt Vs Niki Lauda in the ’70s, and today, we have another rivalry forming, in the form of two quadruple works champions (Hamilton and Vettel) competing for a 5th title. Sports are defined by rivalries, which is why the perfect rivalry for F1 would be Lamborghini Vs Ferrari.

Alain Prost in his Ferrari, widely regarded as one of the best to ever compete in Formula 1

Not only this, but multiple supercar manufacturers already take part in the sport. Aston Martin sponsors Red Bull Racing, McLaren has been competing in F1 almost as long as Ferrari, and even Porsche is rumoured to enter the sport in the near future. How cool would it be to see a bright yellow Lamborghini F1 car overtaking a crimson Ferrari in the tunnel at Monaco?

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