Why Gallows and Anderson Signing With IMPACT Was the Best Move

Why Gallows and Anderson Signing With IMPACT Was the Best Move

Former Bullet Club members Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows (Doc Gallows in NJPW) were both released from their WWE contract in mid-April. Since then, many have been speculating where The Good Brothers would land. As always when stars are released from WWE, AEW was where most thought they’d end up. Some thought Ring of Honor, and a handful thought they would make their return to NJPW. But on June 29th, it was reported that Gallows and Anderson were preparing to sign with IMPACT Wrestling.

Personally, I think this was the best decision for the former 2-time Raw Tag Champions and former IWGP Tag Team Champions. In this article, I will detail exactly why! Let us know if you agree or disagree! If you do disagree, where do you think Gallows and Anderson should’ve went?

IMPACT’s Tag Division

The first, and in my opinion the most obvious reason is IMPACT wrestling’s tag division. Right now, I would venture to say IMPACT wrestling has the worst tag team division in wrestling. The best team, in my opinion, is The Rascalz and it has been since Santana and Ortiz left the promotion. The current Tag Team Champions are The North, a team comprised of Ethan Page and Josh Alexander who aren’t bad, but outside of true wrestling nerds like myself, not many know of The North.

Besides The Rascalz and The North, there isn’t much. The rest of the tag division is Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend), The Deaners (Jake and Cody Deaner), Fallah Bah and TJP, and Acey Romero and Larry D. That’s literally it. Gallows and Anderson should literally go into IMPACT, and win the IMPACT Tag titles on their first day. They are easily the most experienced team, and already the most over. Gallows and Anderson are now the top team in IMPACT wrestling, and they haven’t even debuted yet.

Their Contract

So there has yet to be any word on the type of money the Good Brothers will receive, but it’s been described as “lucrative” and will allow them to tour with New Japan when they are able to. That is HUGE for Gallows and Anderson. Gallows and Anderson did some of their best work in Japan, Anderson especially. We never really got to see Karl Anderson’s solo work in WWE, but let me tell you, if you haven’t seen it in New Japan, it’s incredible.

The New Japan crowd already know Gallows and Anderson, which is huge for gaijin wrestlers going to Japan. Plus, who wouldn’t LOVE to see Gallows and Anderson back in Bullet Club? I personally think once Kenny Omega left as the leader of Bullet Club, it kind of lost some momentum. Karl Anderson was actually the second leader of Bullet Club. Maybe we can see some sort of battle for leadership between he and Jay White. Either way, Gallows and Anderson being able to go back to Japan is probably the best part of this whole deal.

Weekly U.S. Television

Let’s just be honest with ourselves. Wrestling will never be the same after this COVID-19 thing blows over…if it ever does. We’ve already seen a few companies have to close its doors forever and it’s a shame. With only a few promotions running shows right now, it’s been extremely hard on indie wrestlers finding work. Certain wrestlers have lucked out by signing with companies that are indeed running shows. And now, Gallows and Anderson can be added to the list.

As I said earlier, many indie wrestlers are struggling right now, and signing to a promotion that still has weekly TV seems impossible to some of those wrestlers. Gallows and Anderson lucked out by being sought after and signed by one of the few companies running weekly shows, and this will only help keep their name in the spotlight while many wrestlers who aren’t on television sadly fall on the wayside.

It’s Not AEW

This may sound weird at first, but really think about it. AEW has the best tag division in wrestling by far. The Young Bucks, FTR, Santana and Ortiz, SCU, Lucha Bros, even Kenny Omega and Adam Page. But with all that talent, I have to say I don’t like the way the tag division has been booked in AEW. First off, they decide to put the titles on SCU instead of The Bucks. I guess I understand why though, you wouldn’t want people saying “oh look, the Executive Vice Presidents are being booked to win”. Plus it got SCU over as a formidable team.

But then, they did one of my biggest pet peeves in wrestling which is putting two singles stars together, making them a team, and giving them the tag titles. I hated it with Braun and Seth, I hated it with Riddle and Dunne and I hated it with Omega and Page. They then put the titles on Page and Omega and haven’t done anything with them since. Now, with FTR in the mix it seems they may pay a little more attention to the division, but imagine if Gallows and Anderson went to AEW? I truly believe they would get lost in the shuffle and would be in the same boat they were in in WWE. Well…maybe not the same boat, but I do believe they wouldn’t get as much TV time as they will in IMPACT.

As I said earlier, I do believe Gallows and Anderson going to IMPACT was the best decision for them. Just the fact that they’ll be able to tour with NJPW when they start back up is worth the signing by itself. But I do believe this will give The Good Brothers a chance to actually prove what they could do as a tag team to a wider American audience, and not wasted away like they were in WWE.

Let’s hope that’s what happens. Otherwise, it may be the last stop for Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson.

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