Who’s Next to Sign a 10-Day?

Who’s Next to Sign a 10-Day?

As terrible as it is to see Covid getting strong again and forcing the NBA‘s teams to adjust their rosters, you have to admit that it’s cool to see some veterans signing a 10-Day contract with random NBA franchises. It’s awesome to see these guys get one last shot at signing to a team.

Seeing Isaiah Thomas finally back on a roster has been a feel-good story. Lance Stephenson got signed by the Pacers again and honestly, it was a great pickup. He shouldn’t have been out of the league in the first place. My favorite story though, has been 40-year-old BIG3 MVP Joe Johnson returning to the team that drafted him in the Boston Celtics and almost immediately scoring a bucket upon being called into the game.

Recently, we have seen DeMarcus Cousins, Wesley Matthews, Greg Monroe and even Mario Chalmers make their return and there have been some impressive results so far. These guys have not wasted this amazing opportunity. They deserve to be on a team. They can still contribute and if given the chance, they’ll show you why. It’s very exciting.

The question now that should be on everyone’s mind should be: who’s next?

Joe Johnson-

After his nice return, he’s already a free agent again. It’s understandable since the Celtics already have so many wings but as a mentor to the very inconsistent Jayson Tatum/Jaylen Brown duo, he could’ve made a difference. If he does decide to retire anytime soon, they should consider bringing him on as a consultant. Despite his advanced age, he can still shoot, and he can still score.

Though he’s not going to average ten minutes a game, he can provide very valuable leadership and a calming veteran presence when in the game.

Teams that could use him: Bulls, Nets, Hawks, Hornets, Celtics

Monta Ellis-

He’s been wanting his opportunity for a while. If given one, he’s going to work as hard as ever, especially on defense. He’s not going to be the undersized speedy scorer he used to be, but he can still find a way to score and annoy opposing point guards on defense in limited minutes. He’s a scrapper that will only get scrappier on a contending team because he knows it will be his last shot at glory.

This is a veteran that will go all out and must-have for a team looking for any extra edge. A 10-Day contract is all he needs to prove himself.

Teams that could use him: Jazz, Nuggets, Warriors, Suns, Heat, Mavericks

J.R. Smith-

Yes, his play can be erratic at times. You know what you’re getting out of J.R. Smith, but the possible positives outweigh the negatives. He can still get his shot off on anyone and when he catches fire, he can go off. In limited minutes on a veteran team, Smith can help. He’s also an underrated defender. For a team in need of a backup swingman, Smith can be a difference maker. He’s been there before. He can put a team over the top.

Teams that could use him: Clippers, Knicks, Celtics, Heat, Nuggets

Dion Waiters-

He’s basically a younger version of J.R. Smith, but he can still score in bunches. Waiters is a guy that likes being depended on, and he can get hot in a hurry. There are still a lot of teams that need some firepower off the bench and Waiters can be that guy, as long as his attitude doesn’t get in the way. He’s still only 30 years of age and last played on that championship Lakers team led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis two seasons ago.

If anyone should still get a shot in the NBA and can still be a young contributor, Waiters is that guy.

Teams that could use him: Hornets, Jazz, Hawks, Trail Blazers, Clippers, Pacers, Knicks

Michael Beasley-

It doesn’t matter how old he is or who he plays for. Michael Beasley gets buckets. There’s still a lot of teams in the NBA that can use a small ball power forward that is a serious matchup issue. Beasley can fit on a lot of teams. He’s also hit that stretch of his career where he actually goes all-out on defense as well. He’d be big on a contending team but if all else fails, an up-and-coming team can use him too.

He’s a great one-on-one scorer, and he could be a mentor to a lot of young forwards looking to develop their games. He’d be a lot more useful than Udonis Haslem. I can guarantee this.

Teams that could use him: Bulls, Grizzlies, Kings, Jazz, Cavaliers

Jeremy Lin-

Lin was never a great defender, but he’s still a very smart point guard that works harder than most. If you want some stability at the point guard position and maybe have someone that could potentially go off for a 30-piece one night, Lin is a solid choice. There’s no reason why Lin can’t get 10 minutes a game on a team right now, especially with the point guard help that certain teams need.

Teams that could use him: Knicks, 76ers, Bucks, Mavericks, Pelicans

Nick Young-

You can never have enough shooters. It’s as simple as that. “Swaggy P” is a guy that can have nights where he hits 5-6 threes with ease. He’s not the best defender, but he’s capable in limited minutes. Regardless, he can still be a shooter in the league right now. He doesn’t need to know any complicated sets or systems. Young can just come in and score. There’s got to be a place for him out there somewhere.

Teams that could use him: Bulls, Wizards, Knicks, Lakers, Mavericks

Kenneth Faried-

I’m honestly surprised that Faried didn’t get a job after his stint with the Rockets a couple of years back. Faried is the perfect small ball big man. He might have been one of the originals. In a league that plays to his strengths, Faried could flourish right now. Plus, he’s a great energy guy off the bench and solid rebounder. Any playoff team can use someone like Kenneth Faried. Think Montrezl Harrell but more consistent.

Teams that could use him: Suns, Bulls, Nuggets, Hornets, Nets

This was my reaction after Faried left the NBA in the first place. Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Teague-

There are a lot of teams that can use a veteran point guard. Jeff Teague is the definition of stability. He doesn’t get injured, he’s smart, can still score, and he can still play a decent amount of minutes when called upon. Teague is also battle-tested and is fresh off winning an NBA Championship with the Milwaukee Bucks last season. There’s no good reason why Teague isn’t on a roster.

Teams that could use him: Knicks, Heat, Hornets, Nets, Cavaliers

Jamal Crawford-

Yes, Crawford is 41 but if there’s anyone that deserves one last season, it’s J-Crossover. He’s another swingman veteran that can be a great last guy off the bench, as well as a mentor for a young group. He’s got a little bit left in the tank, just like Joe Johnson. For a 10-Day contract, you can do much worse. Any team can use a great locker room guy.

Teams that could use him: Bucks, Suns, Nets, Hawks, Jazz

Jimmer Fredette-

How many times have we tried this experiment? We all wanted Fredette to work in the NBA but for some reason, it never happened. This could be his last shot at the NBA this season and for a team that is having shooting troubles, why not give Fredette the green light? Some teams have nothing to lose, and some might need just a little extra for the playoffs. Jimmer can be that guy still. Hopefully though, these teams are much more patient with him this time around.

Teams that could use him: Knicks, Raptors, Magic, Cavaliers, Rockets

O.J. Mayo-

Not much has been heard from O.J. Mayo after he got banned from the league for two years after violating the league’s anti-drug policy. He recently resurfaced playing professional ball in Russia but is he interested in an NBA return? He’s got an incredible amount of talent and though he couldn’t possibly play big minutes anymore, he could be a solid combo guard off the bench that can score with the best of them. If Mayo is still capable, he could seriously surprise some people.

Teams that could use him: Lakers, Mavericks, Grizzlies, Pacers, Heat, Clippers

Norris Cole-

If Mario Chalmers got another shot, why can’t Norris Cole? He was always a solid backup. The consistency wasn’t always there, but he’s another guy that could be a great choice for a third string point guard, as crazy as that sounds. He’s another veteran that has learned and played with some of the greatest the league has had to offer. Cole should definitely be looked at.

Teams that could use him: Pistons, Timberwolves, Lakers, Mavericks, Celtics, Clippers

JJ Redick-

This may be a long shot since Redick just announced his retirement before this season started, but don’t you think someone can convince him to come out of it? Many thought he still had a lot in the tank. I for one was very surprised he wasn’t signed by a contender. He’s a wily veteran and can still shoot the lights out. There’s got to be someone willing to bring him out of that suit and back into a jersey.

Teams that could use him: Lakers, Nets, 76ers, Jazz, Nuggets, Suns

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson-

Though Hollis-Jefferson hasn’t fully realized his potential, he can still contribute on a team willing to take a chance on him. He’s still only 27 and has shown that he’s a hard worker. He can also be a real matchup issue for power forwards and could help if he’s working with other veterans that can show him the way.

Teams that could use him: Bulls, Nets, Celtics, Clippers, Timberwolves

Jahlil Okafor-

Though he’s far past the label of “franchise player” originally given to him, Okafor is still an NBA-level talent. He’s still a great post scorer that can step out as well. Okafor still isn’t much of a defender, but he can still do everything else on the floor as a center. If a team needs a low post scorer and some depth in the frontcourt, Okafor would be an ideal candidate.

Teams that could use him: Bulls, Nuggets, Kings, Thunder, Celtics, Hawks

Aron Baynes-

Much like Okafor, Aron Baynes is another great option for frontcourt depth. He’s just on the opposite end of the spectrum, being more of a defender than a scorer. Baynes is a guy that is fearless when protecting the rim and is very tough. He also has improved his outside shooting over the years as well. Yes he has dealt with some injuries, but a 10-Day contract could show that he still has it.

Teams that could use him: Clippers, Jazz, Hornets, Kings, Spurs

Tyler Johnson-

Admittedly, his recent stint with the 76ers didn’t work but that doesn’t mean that everything is over. Tyler Johnson can still be a solid backup. He’s another guy that can score and be a very reliable ball handler.

Teams that could use him: Spurs, Rockets, Pelicans, Lakers, Timberwolves

Thon Maker-

Is there a team that needs big man depth but wants to keep the floor spread? Thon Maker could be a solid option. No one is going to sign him to any long-term deal anytime soon, but he’s definitely got “journeyman” potential and that’s not a bad thing.

Teams that could use him: Magic, Raptors, Celtics, Trail Blazers, Nuggets, Bulls

Harry Giles III-

Giles is in the same boat as Thon Maker. He’s another solid forward that can easily be one of those guys that moves from team to team to help out wherever needed. He’s solid enough as a backup to be on a team, but he just won’t stay on any team longer than a year.

Teams that could use him: Raptors, Knicks, Pistons, Spurs, Wizards

John Henson-

Henson was always a walking block when protecting the rim. He’s very similar to career backup Ed Davis. Henson hasn’t had nearly as many chances though. He can finish at the rim when it’s thrown to him, and he can still defend. Henson is a guy that doesn’t complain and works hard under the basket. Any team that needs help down low would be lucky to have him.

Teams that could use him: Mavericks, Knicks, Raptors, Grizzlies, Lakers

Meyers Leonard-

Leonard is the proverbial stretch five. He’s one of the very few centers that actually can shoot and not just be a big guy that has been forced out because their guards need driving lanes. Leonard is coming off a shoulder injury, but he can still help a team. It’s not like they’ll give him twenty minutes a game.

Teams that could use him: Knicks, Mavericks, Jazz, Bulls, Hawks

Patrick Patterson-

He’s a stretch four that seemingly always has a job. I’m surprised he doesn’t have one right now in all honesty. Once again, teams can always use a shooter and though he’s not going to hit ten a game, he’ll hit a couple when you need it and that’s really all you need.

Teams that could use him: Clippers, Mavericks, Timberwolves, 76ers, Suns

Mike Scott-

Some teams need toughness and that’s Mike Scott. He’s a good defender that is willing to do all the little things that some players aren’t willing to do. He can hit an outside shot here and there as well. Scott never got his due, but he would be a nice addition to any playoff team.

Teams that could use him: Suns, Grizzlies, Mavericks, Timberwolves, Clippers

Glen Robinson III-

Robinson is a young journeyman that is smart enough to fit any team’s system and is still an athletic scorer and willing defender. I wouldn’t depend on him, but he can definitely help out on a good team. On a younger team, he could also utilize some franchises’ player development coaches too. He’s still very young after all and could be molded into something great.

Teams that could use him: Raptors, Grizzlies, Clippers, Suns, Nets

Andre Roberson-

Though injuries derailed his career, Roberson is still a great defender and that’s why he had a place in this league for as long as he did. It’s hard to say how good he is now after missing so much time, but he should get an opportunity. Even with all the injuries, he’s still probably a better defender than most in the league.

Teams that could use him: Wizards, Nets, Lakers, Grizzlies, Nuggets

Carsen Edwards-

He has “Sixth Man” written all over him. Edwards didn’t get much of an opportunity in Boston because of the sheer number of guards on the team but in the right situation, Edwards could still be a solid scorer off the bench. Carsen was a fireball of points at Purdue a few years back and if he was given the main job of scoring off the bench, he could yield similar results in the vein of a young Jamal Crawford or J.R. Smith.

Teams that could use him: Grizzlies, Wizards, Mavericks, Rockets, Pelicans

Courtney Lee-

Lee has seen it and done it all. He’s been to the NBA Finals, and he’s been on lottery teams. Now, he’s a veteran that can do a little bit of everything. I wouldn’t say he’s great at anything per say, but he can do everything. Some teams in need of stability could use him and younger teams could use his leadership.

Teams that could use him: Rockets, Lakers, Nets, Pelicans, Jazz

Iman Shumpert-

The only thing that his stint in Dancing with the Stars has shown us is that Shumpert is still in great shape. He’s not hitting outside shots anytime soon (he was always inconsistent there), but he can still be a great defender in limited minutes for a contending team, or even a mentor for some young up-and-coming teams.

Teams that could use him: Jazz, Rockets, Heat, Bucks, Nuggets

Patrick McCaw-

How does Patrick McCaw win three championships in three years and not get a roster spot a couple of seasons later? He’s the perfect system player.

Teams that could use him: Nuggets, Hornets, Thunder, Pacers, Hawks

Kris Dunn-

Dunn has been a disappointment in his career and has proven that he’s a career backup, but there’s one thing that he proved he could do at an elite level: defend. As long as you don’t give this turnover machine too many minutes, he can be a future Patrick Beverly.

Teams that could use him: Nets, Lakers, Heat, Jazz, Timberwolves

Yogi Ferrell-

Ferrell is another backup guard that has “Sixth Man” potential. He could always shoot from the outside and has shown that he can be a guy that brings a lot of energy when he’s out on the floor. He just needs more of an opportunity on a team willing to take a chance on him.

Teams that could use him: Mavericks, Lakers, Rockets, Suns, Timberwolves, Nuggets, Pacers

Anyone else we haven’t thought of? Sound off in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps. Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

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