Who should be George St. Pierre’s next opponent?

Who should be George St. Pierre’s next opponent?

George St Pierre would finally make his long awaited return to the UFC octagon in late November against Michael Bisping. After not fighting for four years inside the Octagon, you would have expected some ring rust; however, George St. Pierre would win that fight by submission and was crowned the Middleweight Champion.

George Rush St. Pierre had some serious thinking to do, but after a lot of thinking he has intentions on still fighting.

Who would be a good opponent for George Rush St Pierre?



Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley is currently the Welterweight champion, which at one point George St Pierre was the top man on the totem pole. It would be very interesting to see him take the throne back that was once his but, it’s definitely no easy task.



Conor McGregor

George St. Pierre in recent talks has said he doesn’t care about title shots, he wants the money fights. If he fought McGregor that’s exactly what he will get. St. Pierre is a world class athlete with impressive striking a great wrestler and was the pound for pound king of his era. If this fight were to happen I think it will make more money for the UFC then any other fight ever has.



Ben Askren

For a couple of years St Pierre and Askren were the kings of the Welterweight division in the UFC and Bellator. The key to this fight is who’s wrestling skills will be more effective.

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