Who does Vegas think will win the NBA Championship?

Who does Vegas think will win the NBA Championship?

The 2017-2018 NBA regular season is coming to an end in just 5 short weeks, so let the speculation of who will rise above the rest for a place at the NBA Finals starting June 1st.

Houston Rockets

Currently #1 in the Western Conference, the Houston Rockets have shown they are not to be taken lightly. With 28 wins against teams over .500, behind the MVP caliber play of James Harden, Houston has solidified themselves as favourites to come out of the West. Vegas has the odds set at 9/4 for the Rockets to win the conference and 4/1 to win the NBA Championship.

Toronto Raptors

On the brink of etching their 5th consecutive 50 win season in stone, the Raptors have proven themselves as serious contenders this year. With the best bench in the NBA giving All-Star starters Lowry & DeRozan some time to rest, don’t be surprised to see the ones from the North in this year’s Finals. Odds are 5/2 coming out of the East and 2/3 to win it all.

Golden State Warriors

Curry, Durant, Thompson, Green, with 4 All-Stars stacking their starting line-up, you can almost guarantee that the Dubs will continue to a being a driving force in the West. Coming off their second ring in 3 years, and back-to-back-to-back Finals appearances, this team is built to dominate for 100+ games. Despite being second in this West, Golden State has the best odds to win their conference at 1/2, and the best odds to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy at 2/3.

Odds per vegasinsider.com

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