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So now that the baseball season had ended with the Boston Red Sox winning the world series 4-1 over the LA Dogders, we will now wait and see where the top free agents will land.

Bryce Harper and Manny Machado will top everyone’s wish list this off-season. Then you have top pitchers Patrick Corbin and Dallas Keuchel. Once these four start to fall, then you can see others sign, but i would not expect to see anyone sign until after those winter meeting end or once the new year hits.
So lets start with Harper, who is 26 could provide any team with power in the number 3 or 4 spot in the line-up. The money that has all ready been rumor you can count out all smart market teams. Red sox, Yankees would have to be the front runners to sign him fallow by Dodgers, Astros. My long shot team would be the Cubs. I could see the Cubs making a play to help a young team. Where ever he goes he bring a .279 career avg with 184 career homeruns in 6 seasons.
Machado, also 26 is other guy who can bring some pop to any lineup and could play 3rd base or shortstop. Just coming off of a trip to the world series with the Dodgers, in a season where he batted .297 with 37 homeruns between two teams. Dodgers should be able to resign him, he will get plenty of offers from alot of teams. My shot would be the Minnesota Twins. With a new manager, and with Miguel Sano off the field problems and injury issues, Machado could hit well at third and in the middle of that lineup.
Patrick Corbin a 29 year old left, who finish with an 11-7 record with a 3.15 era. He could be a solid number two guy, with a team looking to get over that hump. A team like the Yankees, Indains, Astros or Brewers should make a move on him. A long shot would be him resigning with the Diamondbacks.
Last we have Keuchel who is 31 and a lefty. With a 12-11 record and a 3.74 era, looks to be one free agent that could land anywhere. I would put him in as solid 3rd starter on any team that made the playoffs or just missed out this past season. Resigning with Houston, who is the early favorite to be in next season world series might be the best spot, but i could see him with any team. My long shot team in this case could be any team that is in a rebuild so they could flip him at the trade dead line, but if i was to pick a team that team would have to be Minnesota. They are in so much need for pitching, that they should be in talks with any pitcher that can throw.

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