Where I Was Right, Where I Was Wrong: Week 3 Spread Picks

Where I Was Right, Where I Was Wrong: Week 3 Spread Picks

Tough week guys. I nailed my top five picks, the “Best of the Rest” is a different story though. Let’s quit the chit-chat and see how I did!


Las Vegas Raiders vs. New England Patriots (-5.5)

RIGHT. What did I tell you? It came down to coaching. New England offense kept the ball on the ground against the Raiders weak front seven. The New England defense held star tight end Darren Waller to two catches for eight yards.

Los Angeles Rams vs. Buffalo Bills (-1)

RIGHT. So…..the Bills are legit. The final score doesn’t tell the whole story as they utterly dominated the Rams for three quarters until doing a pretty good Falcons impression. This team is legit, watch out for them.

Houston Texans (+4) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

WRONG. Just like the Falcons, I was right on this one for three quarters. How are these Falcons jokes landing? Houston was up 21-20 early in the fourth quarter, before Deshaun Watson took a monster hit, causing him to throw an interception. He looked rattled the rest of the game, and couldn’t mount a comeback, costing me my parlay card.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-6) vs. Denver Broncos

RIGHT. The Broncos are just too hurt up to compete right now, you saw it yesterday. Brady marched up and down the field at will, and Jeff Driskel was under constant pressure. Easy, dominant win for the Bucs.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks (-5)

RIGHT. This was phenomenal game from start to finish. Both QB’s played their tails off for all four quarters. In the end, Russell Wilson’s second straight 5 TD performance got the Seahawks the win.


San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants (+3.5)

WRONG. Did the Giants even show up yesterday, or did they hire body doubles to take their place? They couldn’t even compete with the shell of the 49ers. I’m honestly just at a loss for words.

Washington Football Team (+7) vs. Cleveland Browns

WRONG. Cleveland is slowly starting to gain my trust back. They looked very good as a team yesterday, dominating Washington. Don’t get me wrong, they should beat Washington like that. You just never know if they will or not.

Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta Falcons (-3)

WRONG. You know what happened, I’m not re-living that nightmare. Next.

New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts (+11.5)

RIGHT. #TankForTrevor, but instead of the Jaguars, it’s the Jets. Another team I’m not wasting my time on. NEXT!

Carolina Panthers vs. Los Angeles Chargers (-6.5)

WRONG. One of the biggest spread upsets of the week. The Chargers offense struggled to get into a rhythm, and when they finally did, it was too late. Panthers proved they don’t need CMC to win, good for them.

Detroit Lions vs. Arizona Cardinals (-5.5)

WRONG. Now this was the biggest spread upset of the week. Kyler Murray’s three interceptions helped the Lions win 23-20. Is it time to abandon the Kyler Murray hype train? Of course not, every dog has his day, he’ll bounce back.

Green Bay Packers (+3) vs. New Orleans Saints

RIGHT. I’m going to give you guys a simple equation here.

No Michael Thomas+Old Drew Brees= LOSS


Cincinnati Bengals (+4.5) vs. Philadelphia Eagles

RIGHT. I am 3-0 on these wild card picks. Joe Burrow outplayed Carson Wentz and should have beat the Eagles if it wasn’t for a late TD that sent them to OT.


Kansas City Chiefs (+3.5) vs. Baltimore Ravens (-3.5)

Was more “blow out” than “shoot out”, but nonetheless a tough game to bet on. Nobody, and I mean nobody, expected KC to hold Lamar Jackson under 100 yard passing.

Tennessee Titans (-3) vs. Minnesota Vikings (+3)

The Vikings lost, but covered the spread. Kirk Cousins bounced back from a terrible game last week, and kept this game close until the end.

7-7 again, bringing me to 22-20 on the year, WHICH IS A WINNING RECORD. In all seriousness, I love writing these articles and just look to get better every week. Thanks for reading! I’ll have my picks for Week 4 out on Saturday!

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