Where I Was Right, Where I Was Wrong: Week 2 Spread Picks

Where I Was Right, Where I Was Wrong: Week 2 Spread Picks

Boy. Can we just pretend this week didn’t count? With NFL stars being handed injuries like they were the audience of an Oprah show, games went the opposite of what was expected. Unless you’re the Jets, where you still lose even with three key players going down on the opposing team. Let’s see how I did.


Rams (-1) vs. Philadelphia Eagles

RIGHT. The Eagles are a former shell of the Super Bowl champions we saw a few years ago. Wentz does not look great, the defense is not good, and the once great offensive has succumbed to father time. The Rams easily beat them and covered the one point line.

Dallas Cowboys (-4) vs. Atlanta Falcons

WRONG. One of the big stories of the weekend, the Cowboys come from behind victory, or Atlanta blowing another 20 point lead. That’s a glass half full, half empty type thing. While impressive, Dallas did not cover, only winning by one point.

Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-8.5)

RIGHT. This game could’ve been a lot uglier, Tampa Bay seemed to put on cruise control after half until about halfway through the fourth. Tampa Bay’s passing offense looked better, but still shaky, the defense looked lights out. The W should help boost morale and give this team some traction.

Detroit Lions (+6.5) vs. Green Bay Packers

WRONG. Out coached and out played. Time for a coaching change, next.

New England Patriots (+4) vs. Seattle Seahawks

WRONG. So this wasn’t the run-heavy, low-scoring game I predicted. Russell Wilson and Cam Newton combined for 685 yards passing and 6 passing touchdowns, 5 of those coming from Wilson #LetRussCook. 35-30, I was close, but this isn’t horseshoes sadly.


San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Jets (+7.5)

WRONG. The Jets are terrible. Even with Kittle not playing, and Jimmy G; Raheem Mostert; and Nick Bosa, exiting the game early, they still couldn’t win. Not only did they not win, the lost by 18. Christ.

Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins (+6)

RIGHT. Despite Josh Allen dominating all day, the Dolphins kept this game close. Good for them.

Minnesota Vikings (+3) vs. Indianapolis Colts

WRONG. Wait a minute….are the Jaguars actually….good? They handled the Colts last week, and had us all thinking the Colts were terrible. Then the Colts dominate the Vikings, who are a top 5 roster in the league. Are the Vikings bad? I’m very confused.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+7.5) vs. Tennessee Titans

RIGHT. Minshew and the Jaguars looked very good once again. When I say very good, I mean good compared to what I expected them to be. I thought they would lose every game by two touchdowns. They still lost, but they were competitive to the very end.

Washington vs. Arizona Cardinals (-7)

RIGHT. The Cardinals hype train chugs on. Yeah, they beat Washington, who they should’ve beat, but they still look very impressive.

Baltimore Ravens (-7.5) vs. Houston Texans

RIGHT. High powered offense vs. an offense with no real number one receiver and not a good enough offensive line to have a dominant run game. You can’t help but feel bad for Deshaun Watson.

Kansas City Chiefs (-9) vs. Los Angeles Chargers

WRONG. Remember last week when I said the Chargers offense was painful to watch? They were, with Tyrod Taylor under center. Out of the top three quarterbacks in last years draft, Joe Burrow; Tua; Justin Herbert, Herbert was considered the least NFL ready. That didn’t look to be true Sunday, Herbert went up against the best team in the league and almost came out with a win. The most surprising spread upset of the week.

New Orleans Saints vs. Las Vegas Raiders (+6)

RIGHT. I am killing these wild card picks. The Raiders covered easily behind Derek Carr’s three touchdown passes. Michael Thomas is an integral part of thag offense, without him, thehre


Denver Broncos (+7) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (-7)

Despite losing Drew Lock early in the game, Denver still covered. Jeff Driskel came in and looked very good, keeping the game close.

Chicago Bears (-5.5) vs. New York Giants (+5.5)

The Bears won, but I wasn’t impressed. The Giants lost their most dynamic playmaker, Saquon Barkley, early in the game. The Bears still only won by 4, failing to cover the spread.

I didn’t do as good as last week, but still didn’t have a losing record. I’ll watch the lines all week and have my picks out on Saturday. Thanks for reading!

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