Where I Was Right, Where I Was Wrong: Week 1 Spread Picks

Where I Was Right, Where I Was Wrong: Week 1 Spread Picks

Texans @ Chiefs (-9.5)

RIGHT. I had the Texans picked all week, and right before I published my article with my picks, I changed my pick to the Chiefs. Thank God. The Chiefs just have too much firepower for the Texans, even with Deshaun Watson under center.

Dolphins (+6.5) @ Patriots

WRONG. The Dolphins looked like they had never seen a football field before. The offense could never get their feet under them and the defense couldn’t slow down the rushing attack led by Cam Newton.

Browns (+7) @ Ravens

WRONG. Another team that seemed to had been practicing for a different sport the whole week. The Ravens embarrassed the Browns, making them look like a JV team.

Jets @ Bills (-7)

RIGHT. Bills are a contender, and they showed it by handily beating the Jets Sunday. Josh Allen looked good running and throwing, and the defense was stout.

Seahawks (-2) @ Falcons

RIGHT. #LetRussCook must’ve find it’s way to Pete Carroll’s social media feed. Wilson threw four touchdowns leading the Seahawks to a 38-25 victory on the road.

Eagles (-6) @ Washington

WRONG. The most shocking upset of the whole weekend, this game cost me my parlay card. The Eagles looked sharp going in to the 4th quarter, holding a 17-7 lead. However, they feel apart in the 4th, giving up 20 unanswered points, losing 27-17.

Bears @ Lions (-3)

WRONG. Another team who fell apart late. If you let Trubisky slice and dice your for three late touchdowns, you should be ashamed.

Colts (-8) @ Jaguars

WRONG. I’m on one heck of a streak here, third one wrong. Phillip Rivers really struggled, throwing two interceptions. Gardner Minshew looked like a franchise QB, I believe this game took place in the Twilight Zone.

Packers (+2.5) @ Vikings

RIGHT. Aaron Rodgers came out and lit up the Vikings secondary, throwing four touchdown passes. The Packers defense mostly slowed down Dalvin Cook and kept Kirk Cousins in check. The Packers looked very good as a team.

Chargers (-3) @ Bengals

RIGHT. I was right, but just barely. Joe Burrow blew me away by how composed he looked in his professional debut. The Chargers barely got out of Cincinnati with a win.

Cardinals (+7) @ 49ers

RIGHT. My boldest prediction of the week came true. After George Kittle exited the game, the 49ers could not effectively move the ball. Kyler Murray and D-Hop looked to be in mid-season form, torching the 49ers secondary.

Buccaneers @ Saints (-3.5)

RIGHT. The Buccaneers didn’t seem to be on the same page. No OTA’S, no pre-season, and Mike Evans not practicing all week will do that. They’ll click sometime this season, I just knew it wouldn’t be the first week.

Cowboys (-3) @ Rams

WRONG. I said last week I didn’t like giving the Cowboys the benefit of the doubt, and they proved why I was right to have that feeling. They didn’t play bad, but they didn’t impress me. They were severely outcoached, and didn’t play good situational football.

Steelers (-6) @ Giants

RIGHT. Saquon Barkley, the heart of thay offense, was held to 6 rushing yards. Enough said.

Games I Didn’t Touch

Raiders (-3) @ Panthers (+3)

Raiders covered, but not by as much as they should have. The Panthers looked good, didn’t play good situational football, but that’ll get better as the year goes on.

Titans (-2.5) @ Broncos (+2.5)

Broncos covered, but only because Stephen Gostkowski missed three field goals and an extra point. This Broncos teams is very talented, but very young. It was apparent Monday night.

8/14 is not bad for week one. I’ll have my Week 2 picks out Friday, stay tuned!

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