Where I Was Right, Where I Was Wrong: Picks Against The Spread Week 4

Where I Was Right, Where I Was Wrong: Picks Against The Spread Week 4

*takes a shot* Okay…let’s get this over with.


Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears (+2.5)

WRONG. The Colts may have the best defense in the league. That unit dismantled the Bears offense, making them look like they didn’t even belong in the NFL.

Arizona Cardinals (-3.5) vs. Carolina Panthers

WRONG. Kyler Murray threw three touchdowns, just didn’t have help from his rushing attack. His defense also gave up 31 points to what I thought was an average Panthers offense, was I wrong about them without McCaffrey?

Minnesota Vikings vs. Houston Texans (-4)

WRONG. The Texans were bad, that was evident by the release of Bill O’Brien not even 24 hours after the loss.

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-7)

RIGHT. FINALLY! I get one right. The Tampa Bay defense didn’t handle Herbert like I thought they would, he looked good. However, Tom Brady’s five touchdown passes helped the Bucs win, and cover the spread.

Buffalo Bills (-3.5) vs. Las Vegas Raiders

RIGHT. I keep saying it, the Bills are legit. They are a top three team in the AFC, Josh Allen is an emerging superstar. They handily beat the Raiders, watch out for them.


Atlanta Falcons (+7.5) vs. Green Bay Packers

WRONG. Matt Ryan is not the QB he used to be, failing to throw a TD pass against the Packers. Losing Julio didn’t help anything, but this isn’t the same team we seen in the Super Bowl a few years ago.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cincinnati Bengals (-3)

RIGHT. Minshew outplayed Burrow, but Joe Mixon had a monster day. 25 carries for 151 yards and two touchdowns.

Cleveland Browns vs. Dallas Cowboys (-5)

WRONG. No comment. I’m seriously done with the Cowboys.

Baltimore Ravens (-14) vs. Washington Football Team

RIGHT. The Ravens beat Washington, like they should have. I trust them against bad/average teams, just not necessarily the good teams.

New York Giants vs. Los Angeles Rams (-13.5)

WRONG. This was the most shocking game to me. The Rams offense struggled against arguably the worst defense in the league. I don’t know if they took the game too light or what, but it was not a good showing.

New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs (-7)

RIGHT. This line ended up jumping up to -11 when Cam Newton was put on the COVID-19 list, but I released my picks before that. Either way, the Chiefs covered. However, take note, this is how you beat the Chiefs. Rush three to four and drop everyone else into coverage. The Patriots defense did it all night and it was very effective.


Seattle Seahawks vs. Miami Dolphins (+6.5)

WRONG. The first wild card pick I’ve got wrong. The Dolphins got behind early and tried to mount a comeback, but just didn’t have enough time.


New Orleans Saints (-4.5) vs Detroit Lions (+4.5)

The Lions thrashed the Saints in the first quarter, the just fell asleep the last three quarters, a reverse Falcons game. Saints still are just not the same without Michael Thomas.

Philadelphia Eagles (-7) vs. San Francisco 49ers (+7)

Eagles won, but not like they should have. Or maybe that’s how they should win, I honestly don’t know about this team yet. They won, but did not cover the spread.

5-7, sheesh. My worst week so far this season. That brings my overall record to 27-27 on the year, SO I STILL DO NOT HAVE A LOSING RECORD. Anyways, thanks for reading! I’ll have my picks out Saturday!

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