What are the Cleveland Browns Doing

What are the Cleveland Browns Doing

In the last 24 hours the Cleveland Browns have now made three major trades in the NFL, as Cleveland is set to finally get out of the “rebuild mode” in an attempt to contend for a playoff spot.

The news broke about Jarvis Landry coming over from the Miami Dolphins just a few hours ago.

Now just a few minutes ago, the Cleveland Browns announced that they had completed a trade with the Buffalo Bills to acquire QB Tyrod Taylor.

Almost right after it was announced, they also announced that they had traded for CB Damarious Randall from the Green Bay Packers.

Now they have a QB and a stud WR. Nothing could go wrong. Just remember, this is the Browns.

Tyrod Taylor is not a franchise QB. This move doesn’t make much sense from the Browns point of view. They are still going to draft a QB or sign a free agent like Kirk Cousins.

Ultimately, this move was made to make us all fall into the smoke and mirrors gag that they won’t get a better QB going into the season.

The Browns did just get significantly better over the last 24 hours. Taylor is a better option than Kizer will ever be. For now this team is upgraded.

I still wouldn’t want to walk into thia season with the Browns as they currently are, but for now this should keep Browns fans happy.

Picture Source: BuffaloRumblings.com

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