What Are Le’Veon Bell’s Options Now?

Pittsburgh Steelers Running Back Le’Veon Bell is in the midst of a holdout that no one thought would go this far. It is officially week one with the first game of the NFL season kicking off tonight and Bell still refuses to report to the team.

By now, we all know that Bell wants to get paid. The Steelers don’t want to pay him. This is basic information. The cause for concern down in Pittsburgh is that Bell seemingly doesn’t want to play for the Steelers anymore.

He could sign the $14.5 million franchise tender and have this entire situation done and over with. This has clearly gotten personal between the Steelers and Bell so this probably won’t happen.

Steelers could offer him a contract in his ballpark and he could sign. As I said above, This is personal on the Steelers end as well, they aren’t about to bring out the wheelbarrows for a guy who’s throwing a temper tantrum over less than two million dollars.

Both these option lead to him returning to the field as soon as possible. Both of these do seem very unlikely though. His teammates are openly upset with him. They thought he would have held out until the season started and then join the team again, much like he did last year.

Bell can holdout up until the start of week 11. If he holds out longer than that, he will not be eligible for free agency this offseason. If the Steelers don’t want to pay him, this is probably the smartest move for him.

He gets to stay refreshed and not use up some of his valuable running mileage in his legs. He is looking at a long term, big money deal this offseason no matter what. It just depends on what team ends up paying him.

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  1. Maybe he just wants to change his career to singing, which as I understand it, is like listening to a peacock in mating season.

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