Week 3: NFL Road to 0-16, Losers Can Be Winners!

Week 3: NFL Road to 0-16, Losers Can Be Winners!

Texans @ Steelers (2-0)

To be honest, is it really the Texans fault they are sitting at 0-2? With losses to the Chiefs and Ravens over the first two weeks, arguments can be made that the Texans are not on the same level as either of those teams. But here we are, with the Texans sitting at 0-2 playing a Steelers team, led by Ben Roethlisberger fresh out of the fountain of youth. The Texans are a better team than they have been for the last couple weeks, but unfortunately it might take some time. Better yet a game against a way worse team, like the Vikings.

Some concerns linger however, as Deshaun Watson has been sacked 8 times in firs two games, a number he shares with fellow 0-2 starting quarterback Carson Wentz.

Do they look 0-16 bad? Probably not, but I would not be surprised if by week 6, the Texans pull the plug and start cleaning house. In the meantime, the Texans are looking for weapons for Watson. The rumor is that it could be Antonio Brown.

Broncos vs Buccaneers (1-1)

The Broncos signing Blake Bortles is a clear sign that they are not in the business of winning games. Maybe it was the injuries to a team that already had low expectations that made them pull the plug so quick. #TankForTrevor.

Blake Bortles really??

Jets @ Colts (1-1)

Last year, the Jets started 0-4 before beating the Dallas Cowboys. Sam Darnold is back, so that’s a positive but everything else in that jet is burning down and is not pretty. If there are Vegas odds on Adam Gase getting fired past a certain week, my pick will be week 4 vs the Broncos.

What’s are your thoughts on Adam Gase?

Who should replace Gase?

Bengals @ Eagles, anybody else wants a tie?

Joe Burrow is the real deal. The Bengals’ have found their franchise quarterback and now need to focus on finding him weapons. The Bengals’ aren’t getting blown out in games nor are they going down without a fight. The way that Burrow is learning from his mistakes and taking full on large strides towards making himself and his team better is just incredible. Burrow looked like a different player against the Cleveland Browns than he did against the LA Chargers. Against the Browns, the Bengals may have loss the game but Burrow won the quarterback battle. The Bengals may have an 0-2 record but they are winning with every improvement made by Burrow.

At one point in time the world was looking at Wentz the same way they are looking at Burrow, but that time is over. Wentz and the Eagles fans are holding up whatever is left in the cup from that championship. Funny thing is that more people seem to remember Nick Foles, than anybody else. The Eagles are 0-2 and is not all on Wentz, but his 4 Interceptions and 8 sacks are not helping out. Wentz seems to be forcing plays and just overall doing too much. Yes, the injury bug has really hit the Eagles, but on the other side of the coin could it be an opportunity to try new things (or QB Jalen Hurts?).

There is plenty of time for the Eagles to bounce back but the real question is how they are going to do it, or will it just be better to hit the reset button?

Lions @ Cardinals

Would you believe if I told the Lions have loss 11 straight games dating back to last season week 8 vs the Giants. Could the Lions be chasing another type of record of 0-16?

Giants vs 49ers (1-1)

No Saquon Barkley means that the Giants are going to see what Eli Manning Jr., I mean, Daniel Jones is all about. The Giants are 0-2, Jones has 3 Interceptions and has been sacked 7 times. Joe Judge may get a free pass this season, but Jones may not. Coming into week 3 for the Giants, there is still somewhat hope in the sense that they play in the NFC East.

Falcons @ Bears (2-0)

The Falcons number 1 priority in practice should be falling down on balls on onside kicks. That’s it. The Falcons shouldn’t be 0-2, but the most recent loss is self-inflicted. The Cowboys didn’t win the game THE FALCONS LOST THE GAME. I am not a fan of Matt Ryan and in my opinion he has ruined Julio Jones career. Jones is an elite receiver who when he is not getting overlooked in the redzone he is getting overthrown. The Falcons are in a lot of trouble and there is plenty of blame to go around. For example the Jones drop, the lack of drop on the onside kick, the defense, among other things. Overall just ask any Falcons fan that was watching the game.

The Falcons are not a bad team, but the formula is just not working, and because of that the Falcons could be in for a tough season. Their week 3 match-up against Trubisky and the Bears could be a chance at redemption. The Bears have been called the worse 2-0 team, so there is a chance. Also, another positive for the Falcons is that after next week vs the Packers, their schedule gets a lot easier.

Vikings vs Titans (2-0)

So… here is a meme that sums up the Vikings issues.

Panthers @ Chargers

So, the Panthers are playing Justin Herbert on his 2nd start, one that he will actually be ready for. Is anybody else excited about Herbert? I know I am. 

Is it too soon to say that signing Teddy Bridgewater was not the best decision for the Panthers, and that the 6 game sample of games on a team full of weapons and star players may have been a bit misleading?

Maybe, I am a bit salty and I feel like that Cam Newton deserve better even if he was on his way out of Carolina. Good luck Panthers and get better Christian McCaffrey. By the way CMC has been placed on IR, with the hope of returning in 3 weeks.

From the win-less team, which team could actually bounce back at have a successful season and actually make some noise or even make it to the post season??

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Featured Image – David Zalubowski, The Associated Press.

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