According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, quarterback Deshaun Watson has requested to be trade from the Houston Texans. The hiring of new head coach David Culley and GM Nick Caserio has not changed the mind of the team’s franchise quarterback. The request for a trade could have come as early as two weeks ago according to sources.

In September, Watson inked a new contract with the Texans for four years and $156 million, meaning he is under contract until the 2025 season. If the Texans choose not to trade the start quarterback, then things could go from bad to worse for both sides. With Watson having a no-trade clause, Watson can pick and choose where he wants to go. However, if the Texans do indeed keep Watson, then the team can fine him for missing mini-camp, practice and pre-season games. The Texans can also choose not only not trade Watson, but keep him on the team his entire contract length, as well as sign him to a franchise tag for three consecutive years. In that case, Watson could be a Houston Texan until 2028. While this scenario seems very unlikely at this point, that option remains on the table for Houston.

Now, the ball is in Watson’s court. If the team presents him with a proposal to be traded, Watson can choose to stay, or go. What will happen in the coming weeks?

Featured Image Credit: USA Today Sports

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