Was Big Ben The Most Underrated QB of All Time?

Was Big Ben The Most Underrated QB of All Time?

As I write this everyone knows there are tears in my eyes as the possibility of Big Ben retiring swirls around in the news again like the terrible towls swirling around Heinz field for nearly 18 years of Big Ben in Yinzer Town. Although many people may originally pit this as just a fan trying to hype his own guy please, please, please hear me out on this as I use stats, information, analysis, etc and read until the end.

We’ll start with his personal accomplishments and achievements. Ben Roethlisberger debuted as the Steelers new starter in Week 3 of 2004, he won the OROTY award in a season including competition for the award from Eli Manning, Larry Fitzgerald, Phillip Rivers, Sean Taylor (Rest In Peace), Vince Wilfork, and a variety of other household names. To follow that up Ben Roethlisberger went to 6 career probowl games and was a 2x passing yard leader. Then you look at his all time stats Most Career 500 yard passing games, most completions in a regular season or post season game, most passing yards in a relief appearance, most TD passes in a 2 game span with 12, the only player in NFL history with consecutive 6+ TD pass games, and the only quarterback with consecutive 4+ TD pass playoff games. With the Steelers Ben has won: 2 Superbowls one of them making him the youngest QB at the time to ever win the SB now that stat belongs to Patrick Mahomes obviously though.

Now we talk Big Ben’s indestructible abilities. Ben has played with broken noses, pectoral injuries, ankle injuries and more and still found ways to win. One memorable instance was a 2015 match up against Cleveland where for only the second time in his career Ben came in as relief injured after Landry Jones went down early in the first quarterback. Ben came off the bench and set an NFL record for most passing yards off the bench. Ben was hard to take down for many years of his career, defenders getting to him and making contact was a common weekly occurrence yet many tried and failed to actually bring him down.

Ben is also extremely clutch since the year 1960 only three QBs have more game winning drives, and Ben is within two of both of them. The QBs he’s within one or two of for first? Peyton Manning with 54, Tom Brady with 53, Drew Brees with 53 and in fourth Big Ben just 2 back of Peyton with 52. This puts Ben over the likes of Marino, Farve, Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, Bledsoe, Rivers, Palmer, Wilson, Eli Manning and more for this stat.

As Big Ben’s retirement looms Steelers fans will truly always miss a true Franchise QB who was always extremely underrated league wide.

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Featured Image Credit: Gene J. Puskar – Associated Press

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