Video Resurfaces of AEW’s Excalibur Dropping the N-Word

Video Resurfaces of AEW’s Excalibur Dropping the N-Word

The past several months have been difficult times for the professional wrestling industry, for a bevy of reasons. While COVID-19 rules the day as the biggest overarching problem facing all wrestling promotions; issues of misogyny, sexual harassment, and racism have also been brought back into the light.

With this, many superstars and performers have been forced to see some very unflattering, and at times downright troubling, moments from their past be showcased on Twitter and Social Media at large. Well, the train keeps rolling.

Yesterday evening multiple outlets began resharing old footage of current All Elite Wrestling Commentator Excalibur using the N-Word and other racial slurs during an PWG show circa 2003.

A copy of the clip can be seen here:

The clip has made the rounds on Twitter, with many fans calling for the former PWG Tag Team Champion to be punished by AEW in some manor; whether that punishment is suspension, public apology, or straight up release of his contract.

AEW has certainly made their stance on social justice issues known in the past, as they faced somewhat of a similar issue with wrestler Sammy Guevara. Game Changer Sports Network reported back in late June that Guevara was “Suspended without pay” and forced to go to sensitivity training for resurfaced statements he made about WWE star Sasha Banks in a podcast 4 years ago.

The question now remains: What will AEW do? As of this hour, neither All Elite Wrestling OR Excalibur himself have made any public statements regarding the situation. One would think AEW would want to say something before their weekly AEW: Dynamite broadcast.

Cover Photo Credit: Ringside News

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