Utley Joins The 200 Club

Utley Joins The 200 Club

“Do I like it?” Utley said in a press conference last season when asked if he likes being hit by a pitch. “I mean, I don’t dislike it.”

After Tuesday night, it is apparent that the 39-year-old is unphased when a 95-mph fastball is sizzling towards him. This hit-by-pitch is special, however, as it marks the 200th time Utley has reached base by being hit by a pitch.

Utley was hit 173 times while wearing a Phillies jersey, leaving his mark on the organization as the leader in that category; A record that will most likely stand for centuries to come as the runner-up, Mike Lieberthal, has been hit 88 times.

Number 26 ranks No. 8 on the all-time leader board for most times hit by a pitch, and while Tuesday was only the first of the 2018 season, we are sure to see it happen many more times as the season continues.


Picture Credit: MLB.Com

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