UFC Glendale Has Lost A Good One

UFC Glendale Has Lost A Good One

The highly anticipated barn burner of a fight between Carlos Condit and Matt Brown has been cancelled. Matt Brown has torn his ACL and won’t be able to compete on April 14th.

The UFC is currently seeking a short notice replacement to fight Condit, who is still interested in fighting. This sucks, coming days after we all lost the Tony vs Khabib fight. This fight could’ve been a fight of the year contender. Both men love finishes and wars.

Carlos is coming off a disappointing fight against Neil Mangy. He looked slow and uninterested. This fight against Matt Brown had him motivated and ready to throw down.

Matt Brown is coming off of one of the most vicious KO wins of his career. He landed the perfect elbow against Diego Sanchez that immediately knocked Sanchez unconscious and sent him crashing to the mat. That fight was slated to be Brown’s retirement fight, yet afterward he felt he still had some gas left in the tank.

I will follow up with any additional information when the UFC puts it out. I hope Carlos stays on the card. The dude is an absolute savage in that cage.

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