UFC 223: Does The Show Go On?

UFC 223: Does The Show Go On?

Looks like the 4th time isn’t the charm. Tony Ferguson has torn his LCL and has been removed from the UFC 223 main event. His replacement is Max Holloway, the UFC featherweight champion.

This is the fourth time the UFC has tried to make the Ferguson/Khabib fight and every time something goes wrong. The MMA gods won’t let us have this fight, and I don’t know why.

What I do know is that Max Holloway is a savage, and is stepping up a weight class to fight the most feared lightweight fighter in the world. Dana White has confirmed that the Holloway/Khabib fight will be for the undisputed UFC lightweight title.

I wish Tony Ferguson a speedy recovery. I believe he is the best 155lb fighter in the world. But this new main event is still a sick fight! A super fight for Max Holloway who has the opportunity to be only the second man to hold two UFC titles simultaneously. The only other man to do that, Holloway’s rival the ‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor

UFC 223 takes place his Saturday in Brooklyn, New York. Still a huge stacked card and now we have a little more history to go with it.

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