Two Arrested After Gretzky’s Father’s Home Robbed

Two Arrested After Gretzky’s Father’s Home Robbed

A man and a woman were arrested on Tuesday after allegedly robbing the Brantford, Ontario home of NHL great Wayne Gretzky’s father, Walter, earlier this year.

In August, two people broke into the home and stole a variety of Wayne Gretzky memorabilia, including game-used hockey gloves, sticks, hockey pants, jerseys and a Player of the Year Award.

Brantford Police launched an investigation and quickly noticed that most of the items had been sold for large sums of money online to different collectors across Canada. Throughout this three-month investigation, there were able to identify specific residences and retail outlets where the stolen items were believed to be located. All of the items, believed to be worth more than $500,000 USD, have since been recovered and returned to Walter Gretzky’s home.

Police have also stated they have uncovered evidence of a second person, unrelated to the theft, who is believed to have committed fraudulent activities involving a game-used Gretzky hockey stick.

A 58-year-old man from Oakville, Ontario, has been charged with theft over $5000 and possession over $5000.

A 58-year-old woman from Brockville, Ontario, has been charged with theft over $5000, fraud over $5000, breach of trust and breach of probation.

The accused are being held in police custody and will make their first court appearances next week. Police say the investigation is still ongoing.

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  1. Glad too see these two Scum bags are held in jail, for breaking into Mr. Gretzky’s Hm and stealing his possessions. What a Invasion of one’s life.

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