Tristan Thompson Ejected, Faces Possible Suspension

Tristan Thompson Ejected, Faces Possible Suspension

As the game was slipping from the Cleveland Cavalier’s hands in game 1, Tristan Thompson found him self being ejected by referee Tony Brothers.  Golden State had already taken control in over time.  Shaun Livingston was going up to shoot the final shot before the shot clock expired and Thompson closed out on Livingston and it appeared as if an unnecessary elbow was thrown toward the head.

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Without hesitation Brothers immediately and controversially signaled an ejection for Thompson.

distraught, he started towards the referee questioning his calling when he then ran into a taunting Draymond Green.   Words were then exchanged between Thompson and Green.

All of a sudden the confrontation between the two resulted in Thompson launching the ball and his hand into Green’s face.

Since this all occurred AFTER he had already been ejected, the referees deliberated on what consequences needed to be dealt.  After some delay they decided to rule a flagrant two.

It was obvious since he had been thrown out of the game, that potentially getting away with what he was about to do played a part in his decision making.

With that line of thinking and action I wonder if further punishment will be issued.


Featured image credit:  247Sports

Video Credit:  (Screen shot of the same video above)

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