Tottenham Introduces New Signing the Best Way Possible

Tottenham Introduces New Signing the Best Way Possible

If you’ve been a football fan as long as I have, I’m sure that you’ve seen hundreds of transfer announcements on social media. They’re everywhere around this time of year. The beauty with these things is that it’s totally up to the club how they’re going to introduce their newest player to their fanbase.

Sometimes you get a dry announcement with the player holding up their new kit. Other times you get some of the most cringetastic pieces of internet video you’ve ever seen. And yet other times, the team does something surprising and release something that’s actually funny and memorable.

Enter Matt Doherty, who after serving loyally at Wolverhampton Wanderers for a decade, finally completed a move to Tottenham for around 15 million pounds. Last year, the Irishman turned quite a few heads with his strong play as a strong-willed full back who is even strong with the ball at his feet than without. Think of him as an older Trent Alexander-Arnold or Andrew Robertson who also played within a five-man back line.

However, we’re not talking about Doherty the defender today. Because before he was a Europa League competitor or even a Premier League standout, he was an Arsenal fanatic. And while that’s not necessarily a problem, I know some Arsenal fans myself and more of them seem like normal, well-adjusted people, it could be an issue if you end up playing for Tottenham. You see, Arsenal have quite a few rivals, but their arch enemy is almost certainly Spurs (Sorry Chelsea).

So in a humorous video released on their official Twitter page, Tottenham’s newest signee does what every player should do in their awkward situation and deletes several tweets in which he voices his love and admiration for the Gunners.

Absolutely brilliant.

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