Top Three Winners And Losers from NBA Free Agency

Top Three Winners And Losers from NBA Free Agency

Winner #3 – Boston Celtics

This is opening up with a weird one isn’t it. They lost one of the top 10 players in the league in Kyrie Irving. They got Kemba Walker to replace him, but that won’t nearly be the same. So you may wonder how they are winners. The answer is simple, the locker room can be rebuilt without the horrible attitude ruining the team.

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Loser #3 – Oklahoma City Thunder

They decided to go into full rebuild mode due to how this offseason played out. They may have gotten a plethora of draft pick for Paul George but they didn’t need to go into a rebuild yet. They still had a solid core to work around. Now they will probably trade Russell Westbrook and start completely over with all these picks.

Winner #2 – Brooklyn Nets

The Nets got two of the biggest three free agents on the market this year. Kevin Durant will miss year one of this team, but that doesn’t mean that they lose anything here. They are already one hundred times better than they were last year.

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Loser #2 – Los Angeles Lakers

The acquisition of Anthony Davis May have made them better on the surface but they are going struggle with depth. Lebron James is another year older and the lack of depth is going to show its issues early and often. That’s also not to mention that they missed out on every key free agent they wanted. Los Angeles was a destination this summer, the Lakers just weren’t the team.

Biggest Winner – Los Angeles Clippers

There’s no way you could possible say a team that just got the reigning NBA Finals MVP isn’t the clear cut winner in free agency. On top of picking up Kawhi Leonard, they also grabbed Paul George from Oklahoma City. These moves made the battle of Los Angeles interesting again.

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Biggest Loser – New York Knicks

The New York Knicks fanbase thought that they were getting Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. They instead got a bunch of roll players. There’s only one move that can save their off-season left. Trade for Russell Westbrook and call it a night. At this point they should give Oklahoma City anything they want for him.

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