Top 5 Teams Who Should Target Ron Rivera Immediately

Top 5 Teams Who Should Target Ron Rivera Immediately

Its no mystery at this point that the Carolina Panthers have parted ways with long time head coach, Ron Rivera. In doing so, the Carolina Panthers are telling the world “We are in rebuild mode.” Ron Rivera has stated that he ‘absolutely’ plans on continuing his coaching career. The good news for Ron Rivera, is that there is a large abundance of teams throughout the NFL who could use a cleanse at the head coaching position. Since 2011, Ron Rivera has brought the Panthers to the playoffs 4 times, including a Super Bowl appearance in 2015 after finishing 15-1 that season. The Panthers won the NFC south title in three consecutive seasons from 2013-2015. The last playoff appearance was in 2017, where the team finished 11-5 but went on to lose in the wild card round to the New Orleans Saints. Unfortunately for Rivera, the team has struggled significantly the last 2 seasons (including this year), finishing 3rd in south in 2018 and was on pace to finish 3rd again in 2019. Despite the nasty ending to his tenure in Carolina, Rivera’s defenses in Carolina were top 10 ranked in 5 of his eight seasons.

There are a ton of teams who could use Ron Rivera and considering the fact that the NFL’s coaching carousel is pretty dry, this hire would be a no brainer. Here are the top 5 teams who could use Ron Rivera immediately.

The Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys need to try something different. Perhaps a coaching philosophy that would bring more toughness to this team is just what it needs. This team is clearly a team capable of making a deep run through the playoffs, they just don’t have a coach that prepares and does well when adversity is on the table. I could argue, that Ron Rivera has done significantly more with much less throughout his tenure with the Panthers than Jason Garrett has in his tenure with much more, in Dallas. Ron Rivera is certainly capable of taking this team the extra steps it needs, Jerry Jones just needs to get out of the way.

The Cleveland Browns

Freddie Kitchens is not the answer in Cleveland. With a team that is this loaded on offense and formidable on defense, theres no reason they sit in 3rd place in the AFC North and 2 games behind one of the worst Steelers teams in recent memory. Not only is this team underachieving, but they lack discipline and professionalism which again, falls at the feet of Kitchens. Cleveland doesn’t need strictly a “players coach”, theres too many personalities on this team for that. They need a coach who can get this team to mold. Id trust Ron Rivera over Freddie Kitchens on any given day of the week with this team.

The Cincinnati Bengals

Zac Taylor has done a terrible job this season. What could go wrong has gone wrong, and winning only one game to this point inside a rather weak division overall, is enough to start looking elsewhere. The team has regressed since the firing of Marvin Lewis, and they need a leader who has playoff success. Marvin Lewis was at least able to get these Bengals teams to the playoffs, he just couldn’t get a playoff push. Ron Rivera i believe could do some good things here.

The Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins should have already made phone calls considering the fact that they’ve had a head start. Bill Callahan is obviously not a long term solution. The Redskins are in desperate need of consistency and stability. Ron Rivera could get this team at the very least, much more competitive than Jay Gruden ever did.

The New York Giants

Yeah, 3 out of my top 5 teams come out of the NFC East. The New York giants defense is in terrible shape. Schematically, i think Rivera could bring the Giants back to a respectable defense. With just two wins under the current regime, i wouldn’t be surprised to see a coaching change. The Giants need a defensive philosophy established before this team can be competitive as a whole. Pat Shurmur has a overall head coaching record of 17-44. If he wants to stay in New York, he needs to deliver going down the stretch. Even if they brought Rivera on to take care of the Defense as a coordinator, i think that would be a good move going forward. All i know, is Giants fans are hungry for wins and as of late that hasn’t been the case. This is one of the biggest markets in sports who is in a desperate situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants made yet, another move in the coach department.

Ron Rivera is respectable on the defensive side of the ball. Hes had some level of success as a head coach and more success than some of the current head coaches in the league. As a head coach, if he could bring on a elite offensive mind i believe he can flourish. There are many teams who could use a new splash for a head coach and many more who could use a defensive coordinator. Where do you think he should go? Who will give him a chance? Who will be the first to call?

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Teams Who Should Target Ron Rivera Immediately

    1. The Giants is a really tough job. Hard market to cater to, the teams in bad shape and the front office is questionable. The Giants are in a full rebuild and as much as i respect Rivera’s coaching ability, I’m not so sure hes a guy that can accomplish what they need immediately. It’d be an unfair position for Rivera.

    2. Dallas is a good fit though, they have the pieces in place to be strong contenders. The only thing they are missing is a coach with successful experience.

      1. I heard some rumors at Dallas and they may have their eyes on somebody already who has his own personality. Imo, Rivera would do good in Dallas and they would fit well but for Dallas that would be like a safe mood, and Dallas is all about risk…

  1. From your top 5 and thinking about it a bit more, I like the Browns fit, Rivera would have a way to manage and set up Mayfield to play with a little more freedom… and it may not be very appealing but Rivera could turn around a team like the Chargers or Buccs where he would walk in there and probably do whatever he really want it.

  2. Chargers came close to making the list. The Buccaneers however, i feel like they’re sticking with Bruce Arians and have no intentions on moving him anytime soon. They seem to be confident in what they got, for whatever reason that may be.

  3. Personally, i feel like Cleveland and Dallas would be the best situations for him. Cleveland more so than Dallas simply cause he wouldn’t have Jerry Jones down his throat the whole time. He’d have more control on the players he picks, who he brings on his coaching staff and probably more time to get the team on the right track. He’s not a “son” of Jerry Jones, Jones would probably get rid of him as quick as he got rid of Wade Phillips the moment things looked rough.

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