Top 5 teams Lebron James could join in 2018 Free Agency

Top 5 teams Lebron James could join in 2018 Free Agency

Indiana Pacers vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

So, Lebron James is a free agent again this off-season, and it actually seems that it is a real possibility he might be looking to join another team. The Caveliers, even though they traded for a much younger core, might not be enough to beat Golden State or Boston. So today we will be looking at 5 teams Lebron James could join in 2018 free agency for one last chapter of his career.

5. Los Angeles Lakers


There has been a lot of rumours about Lebron going to L.A. but let’s be honest, there’s been a ton of rumors about every player going there and it seems that none of them ever happen. They are one of the premiere franchises in the league, with so many of the past legends having played for the Lakers from Kareem to Magic to Kobe to Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West the list continues to go on. In L.A. Lebron could team up with Magic Johnson, who’s the Lakers president, so they have a lot of stability going forward and on top of this, they have over 50 million in cap space. Another thing, Paul George is always in the Lakers rumors so if Paul decides to leave OKC for L.A., there is a big possibility that Lebron could join him there but a lot of this might depend on how good Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram look until the end of this season.

4. Miami Heat

NBA: New York Knicks at Miami Heat

Similar to L.A., Miami is one of the premiere locations in the league. They’re are also one of the better run franchises in the last decade. Miami has a ton of decent players with a lot invested in their contracts, so they would need to move a couple of guys in order to clear enough cap space to sign Lebron. I’m assuming they would keep Whiteside in order to pair him with Lebron and Wade since he has already been traded to Miami, who is a free agent next summer but they can pull it off if they really want to. Obviously Miami is a familiar location to Lebron; he played there before plus he will be reunited with Eric Spoelstra, and stay in the east which we can all agree is a much better place for Lebron.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves

LeBron James, Jimmy Butler

Minnesota last off-season picked up Jimmy Butler and Jeff Teague, and they also have Karl Antony Towns, Andrew Wiggins, and Coach Thibodau. They are still going to need a power forward, and Lebron would be absolute amazing next to KAT but the main drawback will be the cost of his contract. The Timberwolves are going to have about 10 million in cap space this off-season, and this is the same off-season where they have to sign Andrew Wiggins. If they get rid of Gorgui Dieng or Taj Gibson however, they might be able to make space and sign Lebron, which would make them contenders for the best team in the NBA next season.

2. San Antonio Spurs


Probably the most interesting option so far, Lebron can team up with Kawhi and easily make the best wing duo in the league. Not to mention the Spurs have one of the best basketball coaches, Gregg Popovic. This is of course if Kawhi does not leave this off-season. San Antonio Spurs might have a lot of cap space free this off-season, but both Lamarcus Aldrigde and Danny Green will be free agents this summer so the Spurs roster could look very different regardless if Lebron goes there. Some of the perks of going there is that San Antonio is one of the best, if not the best franchise over the last two decades in the NBA, and they have a top 5 player in Kawhi who is arguably the best player to defend against the Warriors. This seems like a perfect fit for Lebron and the rest of his career

1. Houston Rockets


The Rockets have won 57 games last season and added Chris Paul, which this season with the MVP runner James Harden, have clicked perfectly and are currently fighting for the first seed vs Golden State. In the off-season they should have a lot of cap space; Chris Paul will be a free agent, and the only players that will be making over 10 million are Harden, Gordon and Anderson who makes over 20 mil a year so they can move him easily and clear a lot of cap space. Chris Paul and Lebron James are very good friends, which is always good in a team dynamic. Unfortunately one of the draws their bench would have is that it wouldn’t be amazing, but there will be a lot of ring chasers that would come in this team for cheap so they can easily get better bench.

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