Top 5 Hottest QB’s in the NFL

Top 5 Hottest QB’s in the NFL

This is the top 5 hottest QB’s in the NFL. I want to make it abundantly clear that this article reflects my opinion and my opinion alone. It was debated and I was ultimately ridiculed for my choices but hey, what can you do? This article is a continuation of my Top 5 Hottest Coaches in the NFL. Let’s dive into who I think are the top five hottest QB’s in the NFL right now. I feel like these articles can provide positive insight as to why us women should be as invested as our significant others! The number one hottest QB has been the hardest to ultimately decide, mostly because I don’t want my choices to reflect that I may or may not have a type! So without further ado, let’s go!!

  • Number one coming in hot (pun intended 😉 is going to have to be the one and only Jimmy Garoppolo! I’m not sure if it’s the eyes, the crooked smile, or the beautiful olive toned skin but this man looks like I wish I met him at a bistro in Italy. If you’ve followed his career like I have, you’d know he’s definitely aging beautifully from his time with the New England Patriots until now. Currently with the San Francisco 49ers, you can see him leading the team at 30 years old. He’s sporting some salt and pepper hair but that definitely adds to the attraction! Right now, you can watch him head into the NFC Conference Championship against the LA Rams on Sunday.
  • Second on my list is going to Russell Wilson. He’s definitely a man that knows how to make that Seattle Seahawks lime green look good, that’s for sure! I mean it’s no wonder the musical artist Ciara fell for him! Over his tenure in the NFL we have seen so many different versions of him which include many different hair styles, all of which he pulls off beautifully. Honestly though, I can’t decide if those long curls are better for him or the fade. I mean c’mon, but it’s not often you can see a man be so versatile with his look and pull it off every time! I’ll say it, if he didn’t play football he has that old school look of an R&B artist. Which makes me wonder whether he can sing or not?!
Image Source: USA Today
  • Number three is going to Patrick Mahomes. I definitely got some slack for this one however, there’s something about that tan skin with those banana curls that just attracts me to him. Not to mention his age, being only 26 puts him the youngest on my list. Going on 6 years in the NFL, he’s definitely growing into himself and I am here for it! Ultimately, my favorite thing about him is how infectious his smile is! Whether it’s on the field with the Kansas City Chiefs or in those State Farm commercials, he just radiates a great personality which just adds to his appeal. The only thing that could make this man more attractive is if he cut the toxic people out of his life like- ahem, his girlfriend and brother.
Image Source: Mark Brown/Getty Images
  • Number four is going to Dak Prescott. There’s just something about him that screams he’s the nurturing but protective boyfriend type and I love it! He has this aura around him that just makes him seem like he’s safe. On top of that, he just seems like an overall happy guy and lets face it, happiness is attractive. Not to mention, when he looks intimidating, it also looks so inviting! But let’s keep this PG. A special notation, his tattoos definitely add to his appeal! Let’s not forget that the white and blue of the Dallas Cowboys uniform suits him well!
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Finally, number five on my list is Kirk Cousins. I chose Cousins because he is the best of both worlds. To start, his jawline is prime but when you add the beard, it’s like damn! He’s another one on this list that definitely grew into himself after joining the NFL. Not to mention, not a lot of men can pull off that shade of purple but being a Minnesota Viking, he looks so confident doing it! I will say he definitely has Hallmark Christmas movie vibes if the whole NFL thing doesn’t work out long term. I can see him in a small town wearing a flannel and stealing the heart of a girl who forgot what Christmas was about! Ten out of ten, I would make maple syrup with him.
Image Source: Vikings Territory

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