Top 5 games to watch in week 2 of the NFL

Top 5 games to watch in week 2 of the NFL

These are the top 5 matchups I’ve picked to watch in week 2, some are because of the actual matchup itself where as others are just because of the great stories that are currently surrounding a specific team. So here we go:


Press Box Baltimore

At number 5 I have the Arizona Cardinals vs. The Baltimore Ravens. This matchup has a lot of intrigue behind it because for one, Terrell Suggs returns to Baltimore for the first time since being picked up by the Cardinals in the off season. Suggs spent his whole career in Baltimore and many were left stunned when he left to come back to his native home in the desert. Secondly, the matchup between Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson could be a look into the future of the NFL. Both QBs have the ability to be very dangerous both in the pocket and out. Murray wasn’t great in his debut last week against the Lions, that is until he kicked things into high gear in the 4th quarter when the QB went 20-29 with 238 yards and 2 TDs. His counterpart Lamar Jackson though looked good all game long putting up incredible numbers with 17-20 passes completed, 324 yards, and an astounding 5 TDs! This game could be fun to watch or it could be a complete slaughter by the Ravens for the second week in a row.


Gillete Stadium

At number 4 I have the Patriots vs. The Dolphins, now the only reason I put this on the list is because all of the drama following Patriots new star WR Antonio Brown. We know Brown has been practicing with the Patriots this week, now the question remains as to if he will actually play on Sunday. I don’t need to go into details about AB because that’s a whole article in itself, but let’s be real, the guy is intriguing which is why this game makes my list. I guess the only other question about this game is whether the Dolphins start Josh Rosen or Ryan Fitzpatrick, but honestly does it really matter?


Flurry Sports

The game I have at number 3 is Browns vs. Jets, with all the hype that surrounded the Browns in the offseason they ended up falling hard at the hands of the Titans last week 43-13. The Browns will look to rebound this week against a Jets team that will be without QB Sam Darnold due to being sick with Mononucleosis. Baker Mayfield is hoping to put up a better performance this week as he went 25-38, 285 yards and 1 TD, he managed to turn the ball over with 3 times last week all being INTs. Another thing to look for is Odell Beckham Jr. and his $300,000 “plastic” watch, and whether or not he does follow through and wear it again, this guy… overall the Browns should get back into the W column this week.



At number 2 I believe we should have ourselves a pretty good game. The Seahawks vs. The Steelers, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are looking, well they’re looking like Russell Wilson and The Seahawks. The Hawks have been one of the most consistent teams in football for years now, everytime we think they may decline, well they just don’t. Even though they barely snuck out a win last week against the Bengals and a fine performance by one Andy Dalton, a win’s a win after all. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the Steelers as they got roughed up by the Patriots last week in a 33-3 loss. Big Ben and the Steelers have a lot to prove going into week two, not to mention Mike Tomlin may finally be on the hot seat if his team doesn’t perform well this season. It should be a good physical game which is why it makes my list at number 2.



My number 1 game of the week as if you couldn’t guess it yourself is a rematch of the NFC Championship game from last season. L.A. Rams vs. New Orleans Saints! This is going to be a great game, not only that but this game could be an early look of what the playoffs could possibly look like later in the season. We all know what happened at the end of the NFC championship game last year with the missed PI call that could have possibly seen the Saints in the Superbowl rather than the Rams, but history is just that. History. This should be a fun, aggressive, emotional game, emotional probably more on the saints behalf, but either way, this is my game of the week, a must watch!

Week 2 should be a lot of fun, as I’m sure the whole season will be, I look forward to all of the different stories that come about this season. Check in next Friday for my week 3 version of “5 games to watch.”

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