Top 5 AFC Championship Games

Top 5 AFC Championship Games

We have had our fair share of great and exciting championship games that kept us on the edge of our seats. I will be counting down my top 5 AFC championship games of all time. All of these games were exciting, went down to the wire, and will be remembered forever.

5.New England Patriots 24 vs Pittsburgh Steelers 17 (2001 AFC Championship Game) 

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Photo Source: The Boston Globe

You had two great coaches in this match up, in Bill Cowher vs Bill Belichick. A young Tom Brady was starting vs Kenll Stewart. New England got out to a quick 14 to 3 start with the help from their defense. Then the Steelers made a late surge, and came within striking distance. Belichick made the decision to put in Drew Bledsoe to get the offense moving. He came in and was able to get them a touchdown, and set up Adam Vinatieri. Drew came in the game and saved the day. The Patriots went on to beat the Rams in the Superbowl, and when the dynasty began.

4. Denver Broncos 20 vs New England Patriots 18 (2015 AFC Championship Game)

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The 2015 AFC Championship game was an exciting one. Von Miller, and the Broncos defense controlled every part of this game. Yes it was a Brady vs Manning match up, but the real talk of this game was Von Miller. He wrecked havoc the whole game with 2.5 sacks, one interception, and four QB hits. Peyton Manning and the offense held their own putting up two touchdowns. What made this game so exciting was that Tom Brady, and Rob Gronkowski brought the patriots back into the game. The last patriots drive Tom Brady hit Gronk twice for a big gain, then one for a touchdown. They failed to convert on the two point conversion, and that is how the game ended. The Broncos went on to win the Superbowl.

3.New England Patriots 23 vs Baltimore Ravens 20 (2011 AFC Championship Game)

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The 2011 AFC Championship game was a tightly contested one. The patriots had a stacked offense while the ravens defense was equally as equipped. Tom Brady did not have his usual spectacular game, Joe Flacco outperformed him this game. This game was a great defensive battle between both teams. Billy Cundiff had a chance to tie the game, and potentially take the game to overtime. Instead he missed a 32 yard field goal with 15 seconds left. The Patriots went on to lose the Super Bowl to the giants.

2.Denver 23, Cleveland 20 (OT) 1987 AFC Championship Game

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Photo Source: NFL Throwback/ YouTube page

This game is most famously known as the drive. John Elway lead the broncos to 23-20 win over the Cleveland Browns in a overtime victory. Elway led his team on a 98 yard touchdown drive from the 2 yard line to tie the game at 20 which would eventually go to overtime. Where Elway would lead them down the field again, which set up Rich Karlis for a 33 yard field goal for the win. The Broncos went on to play the Giants, and they lost.

Indianapolis Colts 38 Vs New England Patriots 34 (2007 AFC Championship Game)


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Photo Source: NFL.Com/You tube Page

This is still one of the best games of football ever played. It had the dramatic effect of a Superbowl, but it was only a championship game. It was a classic Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady Match up. The best two QB’s in the league going at it. At the beginning of the game the patriots started off hot, and Peyton Manning and the colts offense was not clicking. The patriots went into halftime with a 21-6 lead. With the help of Manning they came out of halftime scoring, Manning threw for a touchdown then ran for a touchdown. The colts comeback is the largest comeback in conference championship history. The colts won the championship against the bears.


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