Top 10 Men’s Players With Most Weeks At No. 1

Top 10 Men’s Players With Most Weeks At No. 1

With Rafael Nadal getting upset by Dominic Thiem at the Madrid Open on Friday, Roger Federer will once again move into the top spot as the world’s No. 1 ranked player.  At 36 years old, Federer is the oldest man to be ranked at No. 1.

In light of Roger’s ascent back to No. 1, let’s do a rundown of the top 10 men’s players with the most total weeks spent at No. 1 in the Open Era.

  1. Lleyton Hewitt:  The Aussie became the youngest No. 1 ranked player ever at age 20.  He reached the summit twice for a total of 80 weeks.
  2. Andre Agassi:  The American spent a total of 101 weeks at No. 1 and made it there 6 times.  Before Federer reached No. 1 earlier this year, Agassi had been the oldest No. 1 ever at 33 years old in 2003.
  3. Bjorn Borg:  The Swede spent 109 weeks at the top and made it there 6 times.  Its certainly possible that he would have eventually had more weeks but he retired at the young age of 26.
  4. John McEnroe:  The American spent a total of 170 weeks at No. 1 and returned to the top more than anyone else for a total of 14 times altogether.
  5. Rafael Nadal:  The Spaniard just finished spending his 173rd week at No. 1, and can get back there once more if he wins the Italian Open next week.  He has reached the peak five times.
  6. Novak Djokovic:  The Serbian has spent a total of 223 weeks at No. 1 and has been ranked at the apex on 3 different occasions.  He is only 30 years old, so he can certainly make his way back again.
  7. Jimmy Connors:  The American spent an accumulation of 268 weeks at No. 1 and ranked at the top on 9 separate occasions. 
  8. Ivan Lendl:  Originating from what is now the Czech Republic, Lendl spent a combined amount of 270 weeks at No. 1 and made it to the top on 8 different instances.
  9. Pete Sampras:  The American spent a total of 286 weeks at No. 1 and made his way to the top 11 times.  
  10. Roger Federer:  The Swiss man will start an astounding 309th week at No. 1 on Monday.  This will be the 5th time that he has been at the pinnacle of the rankings, and with no retirement in sight, he can distance himself even more from the rest of the pack.




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Photo Credit:  Sporting News

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