Top 10 2020 Offensive Free Agents

Free agency is a time for teams to address their weaknesses as well as strengthen their strengths. While the draft provides an array of talented prospects that have a chance to make contributions to the team, free-agency allows teams to bring in high-quality veteran players that can immediately make an impact on the field. Here is a list of the top 10 offensive free agents this offseason.


  1. Tom Brady- Tennesee TitansNFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams It may finally be time for Bill Bellichek to move off of his golden goose. Brady has led the Patriots to 9 Super Bowls and won 6 of them. Nobody can disregard his legacy in the organization and in the league, but if he signed elsewhere could he still appear in the big game? Is the Titans’ roster good enough to help Brady get to another Super Bowl? Maybe, but I think it’s unlikely.                                                                           
  2. Drew Brees- New Orleans Saintsbrees Drew Brees is declining….slowly. His arm strength certainly is not what it used to be and he doesn’t really fit the new quarterback archetype in the NFL. However, Brees is the cultural savior of the New Orleans Saints, and I don’t seem them moving off of the man who brought home their first and only Super Bowl. With a star-studded roster and an excellent head coach in Sean Peyton, the Saints are poised to reach a Super Bowl within the next 2 seasons. I think there is a strong case for Brees being around to see it.
  3. Dak Prescott- Dallas Cowboysdak-prescott.jpg Dak Prescott is the future of “America’s Team”.  Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is seemingly enamored with his quarterback and is hell-bent on signing him to a long term deal. With a very young roster and an excellent offensive line, Dak can bring the Cowboys far, how far remains to be seen. I strongly believe the Cowboys and Dak will reach a deal and solidify their trust in their young quarterback.                      
  4. Melvin Gordon- Kansas City ChiefsMGIII-.jpg Kansas City already had a great running back in Kareem Hunt and we’ve seen how much more dynamic that Andy Reid offense is with a special running back talent in the backfield. The Chiefs currently sit at 6-4 and are much too reliant on Patrick Mahomes. Bringing in Melvin Gordon in the offseason would take some of the load off of Mahomes and make defenses change the way they play against the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes is excellent, no doubt, but if the Chiefs continue to waste his best years without getting him sufficient help, he will follow right in Aaron Rodger’s footsteps.                                                                                                                                         
  5. Kareem Hunt- Cleveland Brownskareemhunt.jpg The Cleveland Browns are a mess, and there really is not a lot of things that they do very well, except maybe run the ball. Baker Mayfield is still trying to find his identity in this league and right now if the Browns want to win games they need to become a power running team. Getting Kareem Hunt a multi-year extension would give the Browns perhaps the greatest running back tandem in the NFL, and would certainly take the pressure off of Baker Mayfield.                                                                 
  6. AJ Green- New England Patriotsajgreen.jpg Now it pains me to say this, but it makes the most sense. If the Patriots do plan on moving off of Tom Brady and ushering in a new quarterback era, then signing a veteran wideout like Green makes total sense. New England has never been shy about signing veteran players and I think it gives AJ Green a great chance to win a ring. The Cincinnati Bengals are likely moving in a different direction and they won’t want aging wide receivers eating away at their salary cap.                                     
  7. Amari Cooper- Dallas Cowboyscoop.jpg The Cowboys are likely only going to be able to sign 2 out of the three players that need deals. After seeing how Dak struggled with a lackluster receiving core, the Cowboys would be smart to secure playmaker Amari Cooper. If they’re going to sign Dak (which they are) then they need to ensure that he will play well and to do that they need to sign his right-hand man Amari Cooper. Cooper doesn’t seem to be in a rush and is sure that his deal will get done and I would have to agree.                           
  8. Joe Thuney- Arizona Cardinalsthuney.jpg The New England Patriots do not pay big contracts to offensive lineman, that just is not a part of their philosophy. Left guard Joe Thuney has been excellent for the Patriots and he will be exceptional for the Cardinals. Arizona has holes everywhere, but nowhere more than that horrendous offensive line. Kyler Murray is a star and Kliff Kingsbury is proving he can be a great NFL play-caller, so bringing in a veteran guard to keep Kyler’s jersey clean makes perfect sense. Thuney won’t be so easily disregarded in Arizona, protecting the NFL’s smallest shot-caller.                         
  9. Hunter Henry- Los Angeles Chargershenry.jpg The Chargers need a lot of things. A new offensive line. A new quarterback, a loyal fan-base, the list goes on. They don’t have a need at tight end. When healthy, Henry has been one of the most explosive players at his position. It is vital to have a solid tight end on the team, especially if they plan on bringing in a new quarterback to replace the decaying Phillip Rivers.                                                                                               
  10.  Austin Hooper- Arizona Cardinalshooper.jpg The Arizona Cardinals are going to be good in the future, I think. Kyler Murray has proven that his size will not have much of an impact on his NFL career and their offense is starting to come together. But every young quarterback needs a big veteran tight end to dump the ball off to when things get sketchy in the pocket. If the Cardinals can bring in a veteran tight end like Austin Hooper, they will accelerate Kyler’s growth and the growth of their young offense.


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