Three Keys To Tampa Bay Winning Super Bowl 55

Three Keys To Tampa Bay Winning Super Bowl 55

Super Bowl 55 takes place on Sunday, February 7th, 202. The Kansas City Chiefs meet the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James stadium in Tampa Bay. We have the NFL Legend Tom Brady competing in his 10th career Super Bowl on one side. On the other side we have the young superstar Patrick Mahomes in his second strait Super Bowl. Super Bowl 55 is going to be a changing of the guard moment for the NFL moving forward one way or another. Both teams put in a lot of work to get to this point and in this article, we take a look at the three keys to the Buccaneers walking away with the Lombardi trophy at the end of Super Bowl 55.

1) Contain Tyreek Hill To Win Super Bowl 55

These two teams faced off in week 12 of this years season. Kansas City won that game 27-24 but the score doesn’t tell us the entire story of that game. Hill slashed the Tampa Bay Defense for 13 receptions, 269 yards, and 3 touchdowns. Todd Bowles’ idea of single coverage on Hill with Carlton Davis failed in the first quarter alone when Mahomes connected with Hill for two deep touchdowns. The first touchdown was one for 75 yards while the second one went for 44 yards. They later added another touchdown on the day together that went for 20 yards. Davis had no answer for him in the entire game. Hill is the fastest WR in the league today and anytime you send one on one coverage his way he is going to burn you. Teams have learned that over the last three years.

Mahomes specifically looks for those situations where he can exploit the defense using Hill’s speed. Tampa Bay has to be sure that they don’t make any glaring mistakes in coverage. In order to keep Hill covered across the top you do have to be willing to let Travis Kelce get his. Kelce may burn you for a few first downs across the middle. If you want to stop Hill across the top then you have to be willing to let Kelce eat.

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2) Pressure and Keep Mahomes In The Pocket

Pressure on the quarterback is the number one way to win any football game. Very few QB’s can hit all their progressions on a play when the defense is all over them. Eric Fisher will not be playing in this game after suffering an achilles injury in the AFC Championship game. Super Bowl 55 will be decided by which defense gets the most pressure on the other QB.

Tampa Bay’s defense finished third in the league in QB hurries with 73 and third in QB knockdowns with 71. They also finished the regular season with a total of 48 sacks which put them third in the league. Tampa also finished the season with a total of 192 QB pressures which was second in the league only behind the Pittsburgh Steelers who had a total of 212.

3) Don’t Turn The Ball Over

Tom Brady cannot beat the Chiefs by throwing three interceptions in Super Bowl 55. He was lucky in that Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers went three and out off two of those interceptions in the NFC Championship game. The Chiefs had 22 takeaways during the regular season. They have had two interceptions in the post season. The Chiefs defense had also forced two fumbles this post season but neither one was recovered. If Brady can keep the ball in his own hands in this game then he has a good chance of winning. You can’t give the Chiefs the ball over and over and not expect them to score. The Kansas City offense is explosive and they can score quick and they can score often.

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