There is No Quarterback Controversy In Philadelphia

There is No Quarterback Controversy In Philadelphia

Following the Philadelphia Eagles’ first Superbowl win, the question of who will start the 2018-19 season is one that keeps some fans up at night. Last season, Carson Wentz was on track to win league MVP before his season-ending injury. Then, in a near-miraculous showing, Nick Foles was able to lead the team through the playoffs and deliver the Superbowl victory.

Fast forward to August 19th, 2018 and we’re less than three weeks away from the season opener. Wentz is on the right track in his recovery and looks like he could start Week 1. After Thursday’s pre-season game, he has been cleared for 11 on 11 play. Except, with the Superbowl MVP as his backup, and the future of the franchise on the line, the Eagles will obviously be cautious about when they choose to start him. As an Eagles fan, the idea of Wentz sitting out in favor of Foles could get uncomfortable. The last thing we want is the best QB room in the NFL surrounded by controversy. Could there be a situation this season when the Eagles sit a 100% healthy Wentz because of a successful Foles (or even Nate Sudfeld) winning streak? After Thursday’s game, I’m happy to report the answer is NO.

I love Nick Foles. He was great when he played in Philadelphia before, and he brought the Lombardi Trophy home to all of my family and friends, but he is no Carson Wentz. As we saw Thursday, Foles requires a certain amount of specialized game-planning and coaching in order to succeed. His success has been somewhat inconsistent. While he was amazing in the Superbowl and NFC title game, he certainly had some poor moments toward the end of the regular season and beginning of the playoff run. He also suffered a shoulder strain last week. Foles will have a limited engagement as the Eagles starter in 2018, but limited is the key word.


Here is how I believe the beginning of the season will play out:

Week 1 vs. Falcons- Foles starts the whole game: Eagles win. The bird gang will come out beyond fired up behind their home crowd on opening night. Nothing will stop them, and we roll over the Falcons by two touchdowns. The Eagles decide to be cautious with Wentz and save him.

Week 2 vs. Buccaneers- Foles starts the whole game: Eagles win. This game will be won by the Eagles defense. The Buccs will be in survival mode with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm. Foles will not play as well as Week 1, and fans will start to call for Wentz’s return.

Week 3 vs. Frank Reich and the Colts- Foles starts/Sudfeld gets in the game: Eagles win. This is the toughest game of the year so far. Foles has a few interceptions, Sudfeld gets an opportunity. We win by 6 at home. Eagles fans chant “We Want Wentz!” at the game.

Week 4 vs. Titans- Foles starts/Sudfeld gets in the game: Eagles lose in Tennessee. This is the last straw. QB play has been questionable for weeks. Wentz missed the first month and is dying to come back and the fans are going crazy.

Week 5 vs. The Vikings- Enter Carson Wentz. His return will be organic, the Eagles will go 3-1 without him, and Wentz will have gotten over 10 full months of rehab. And we all live happily ever.

Do you agree?

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