The Trae v. Luka Situation

The Trae v. Luka Situation

The debate between future Atlanta Hawks All-Star Trae Young and budding Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic is something we have touched on before and will be a topic discussed for the rest of their careers. They both had incredible rookie years after being traded for each other on draft night, and have continued into their sophomore season’s putting up incredible numbers.

As of January 15th, 2020, Young is third in the league in scoring (29.1 ppg) and fourth in assists (8.8 apg). Doncic is right along with him at fourth in scoring (28.9 ppg) and third in assists (8.8 apg). Those numbers are incredibly similar, and both are instant threats the moment they step on the court. Every game they play in is bound to yield a highlight moment that will circulate social media until their next match.

However, while Luka has the Mavericks thick in the tough Western Conference playoff hunt, Trae’s Hawks have yet to crack double digit wins and are battling with the injury-ridden Golden State Warriors to avoid being the worst team in the league.

So what’s the difference?


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Luka Doncic is breaking all kinds of records and leads the league in triple-doubles this season. The Mavericks are a plus 8.1 points per 100 possessions when he is on the floor. They are a solid team. So solid in fact, that the Mavs have still been a plus 4.8 when he sits this season. (These numbers are taken from

The same cannot be said for the lowly Hawks, who are a minus 6.2 when Trae is on the floor. That number plummets to minus 15.4 when he is off the court. That is absolutely terrible. Even with his questionable defense, the reason that the Hawks have won any games at all this season is because of how he has lifted their offense. In many advanced stats Luka is the better player, but that in part can be attributed to the better situation that he is in.

The point I am trying to make is that while Luka is the better basketball player, the Hawks current team record should not be held against Trae Young. He is doing virtually all that he can, and his supporting cast just isn’t doing the job that the Mavericks do for Luka. We are witnessing the future of the NBA and it will be exciting to see what these two can accomplish for years to come.

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