The Top 5 Pitchers of All Time

The Top 5 Pitchers of All Time

Major League Baseball has a storied legacy. The pitcher is the cornerstone for the team. Sure, “chicks dig the long ball.” But real baseball fans understand that the most important part of any baseball team is the pitcher. So let’s get into the top 5 pitchers of all time!

5. Pedro Martinez

You may be surprised to see Pedro on this list, but when it comes down to it in my opinion he is one of the best. The 3 time Cy Young award winner was an 8 time all star during his career. Most people know him from his fame with the Red Sox and Expos. But his rookie year was in Dodger blue, where he posted a 10-5 record with a 2.61 era. With a career stat line of 219 wins a career 2.93 era and 3154 strikeouts, there is no way Pedro doesn’t make this list.

4. Tom Seaver

Tom terrific, Boy Scout, The Franchise.

Whatever you want to call him, Tom Terrific comes in at number 4 on this list. He burst onto the scene, winning Rookie Of the Year in 1967 with 16 wins and 18 complete games for a terrible Mets team.

He won 311 career games with 231 complete games and 61 shut outs. He won 3 Cy Youngs. The most amazing stat in his terrific career is that he never threw a no hitter. Crazy right?

3. Randy Johnson

The Big Unit makes his way one this list at number 3. With a career 303-166 record with a 3.29 era 4875 strikeouts and one dead bird. Johnson was a 5 time Cy Young award winner in his career. I must admit that Johnson’s strikeout numbers were too sexy to pass up.

2. Bob Gibson

Bob Gibson was a phenomenal pitcher. In 1968 he won the NL MVP, an award that pitchers hardly ever win. With a career 251-174 record with a 2.19 era, 3117 strikeouts and 2 Cy Youngs, it would make you think he is behind Seaver. But the key for him at number 2 is his outstanding 9 Gold Gloves.

1. Greg Maddux

The Professor finds himself at number 1 on our list. No, he wasn’t sexy throwing 100 mph heaters and killing birds, but ‘Mad Dog Maddux’ was the very definition of what every young ball player should look to be if they want to pitch. He hardly walked anybody and he fielded his position like no other player in baseball. With a career 355-227 record, 3.16 era and 3371 career strikeouts, he was dominant for a long time. Maddux won 4 Cy Youngs and was an 8 time all star, but the reason I have him number 1 on this list is his 18 career Gold Gloves. Yes, 18 Gold Gloves.

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