The Too Early Magic Numbers for Each First Place Team in MLB

The Too Early Magic Numbers for Each First Place Team in MLB

With about a month and a half left to play in the regular season, I got to thinking what each teams’ respective Magic Numbers are however ridiculously early it is still.

If you are unfamiliar, Magic Number refers to the amount of wins a team has to get OR the number of losses the trailing team must get in order for the first team to win their division. So, if Team A has a magic number of 12 and they win a game, their magic number drops to 11. Additionally, if Team B (the second-place team) loses a game in the same day as Team A, then the magic number drops one more to 10. Get it? Hopefully. Because this article rides on the fact that our readers understand that concept.

AL East

The division leader in the AL East is the Boston Red Sox with a record of 87-36 (which leads the majors by the way) and in second place is the New York Yankees with a 76-46 record. The Red Sox have been dominant this year behind the likes of Betts, Martinez and Sale. Given these numbers and using a fancy calculation (162+1-WINSTEAM1-LOSSESTEAM2), the Red Sox’s Magic Number is ­30. This means, that between the Red Sox and Yankees, if the Red Sox get 30 wins they win the division. Similarly, if the Yankees lose 30 games or any combination of both, the Red Sox win the division.

Boston Red Sox - Jen McCaffrey

AL Central

The AL Central is the weakest division in all of baseball right now. Having said that, no surprise, the Cleveland Indians are sitting in first place right now with the Minnesota Twins 12 games back in second place. The Indians are 70-51 and Twins are 58-63. Yes, the second-place team in the AL Central has a .479 win percentage. Regardless, the Indians’ Magic Number is 30. Gomez Guess says the Indians are the first team in baseball to clinch a playoff spot this year (let alone the division).

Cleveland Indians - USA Today

AL West

There’s something about the western divisions this year that are making it a close race and it’s really exciting to watch. The Houston Astros started off red-hot but have since calmed down a bit. Despite that, they are still in first place with a record of 74-48 (still good enough for third best record in MLB). Only 4.5 games separate the first and third place teams but right now the Oakland Athletics are in second place with a 73-49 record, the fourth-best record. The Astros’ Magic Number is 40. They will have one of the hardest fights ahead of them with the lone exception of the Braves who we will see in a bit.

Houston Astros - David J. Phillip

NL East

Starting in the NL East for our National League Magic Numbers, we have the Atlanta Braves with only a half-game lead over the Phillies. The Braves (and Phillies for that matter) have certainly surprised me this year with how well they are both playing. Maybe to some people, they expected it but, I certainly didn’t. The Braves are sitting in first right now (though that could change in a few hours) with a 68-53 record. The second-place Philadelphia Phillies are 68-54. Right now, the Braves’ Magic Number is 41. This is going to be the toughest fight in baseball moving forward. I say this because even the Wild Card is too close to call and it is a very real possibility that the second-place team in this division might not even make one of the two Wild Card spots.

Atlanta Braves - Mike Zarrilli

NL Central

If you were to ask some Cubs fans at the beginning of the year they would have expected them to be running away with the lead in the division by now. That is not the case though. The Cubs’ starting rotation woes have been their Achilles heel this year. Despite that fact, the Cubs are still in first place with a 71-50 record. In a close second place, only 4.5 games behind, the Milwaukee Brewers are 68-56. The Cubs’ Magic Number is 36. Ironically, the St. Louis Cardinals are on a hot streak right now too and only half a game behind the Brewers. With a lot of games to be played between the three teams, this can get interesting going into the final month.

Chicago Cubs - Nuccio DiNuzzo

NL West

Finally, we get to the NL West – where only two games separate the first and third place teams. Everyone expected the Dodgers to run away with the West (including me), but they are your third-place team right now. The first-place team, the Arizona Diamondbacks, host a 68-55 record while the second place Colorado Rockies have a 66-56 record. The Diamondbacks’ Magic Number is 39.

Arizona Diamondbacks - USA Today

We still have a lot of baseball games to go and I wouldn’t even dare touch who I think will be the Wild Card teams this year yet. Here is the second Gomez Guess of the article for who I think will win the divisions:

AL East-Boston Red Sox

AL Central-Cleveland Indians

AL West-Houston Astros

NL East-Philadelphia Phillies

NL Central-Chicago Cubs

NL West-Los Angeles Dodgers

Do you agree with the who I think the division winners will be? Let us know in the comments!


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