The Thieves of Washington

The Thieves of Washington

The year is 2018. The trees have started to set fire to the sky, the air is crisp, and the Boston Red Sox just asserted their dominance as the best team in Major League Baseball. Luckily for us, they would have one of the worst defending seasons in MLB history the following year.

The Washington Nationals finish the season with a 82-80 record, just above a .500 win percentage. They missed the playoffs, and soon they would be missing the face of their Club, Bryce Harper. Seemingly things couldn’t drastically improve the following season, right?

Move to 2019. Same setting as before. The leaves are igniting the skyline, the air is crisp, the balls are deadened by Major League Baseball, it’s the Fall Classic, and as we reach the summit of the climb, out emerges the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals. One of the most unlikely matchups that could have taken place, and we get to witness it.

Going into the World Series there was a vast differentiation in analysis for the outcome. On one hand you have the Astros, a proven team with an absolute star studded lineup through and through. On the other hand you have the Nationals. A good team who in the previous year was, what appeared to be, a few years from a chance at a Pennant.

The Nationals refused to take a beating, which some thought would be the outcome, and despite going down 2-0 early on, fought their way back to a 5-4 victory. Not only did they come back, they came back against Gerrit Cole who has been one of the best pitchers in baseball throughout 2019. The very next game they face Justin Verlander who is no stranger to the World Series and has a dominating arsenal of weapons as well. 12-3. The Nationals Club themselves can’t believe what’s happening. The passion this team has shown, the never give up attitude, defying the odds. They have absolutely proven themselves a force to be reckoned with. Doing so in an exploding fashion.

The Nationals were by far the underdog in this fight, and they’ve decided that World Series Rings would look pretty good on their hands, even if they have to steal them from the Houston Astros.

So what do you think? What’s your predictions for the World Series? Let us know down below. I’ve got the Nationals in 5 with Astros winning only Game 3.

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