The Terry Rozier show Ep.3

The Terry Rozier show Ep.3

It wouldn’t be the playoffs if we didn’t have a Steve Harvey moment, right? Episode 3 of the Terry Rosier show gave us a ride for our money, with a premature celebration and an overtime go-ahead basket.

We wanted to give Rozier a little break from in front of the camera in the first half of this one, and focus on a couple of the side stories that have presented themselves.

Jayson Tatum was the un-sung hero in game 3. He is proving that time and time again he has the talent to be the star of his own show one day.

Tatum led the team in scoring, shooting percentage, and had the best plus/minus of the night.

A true leader and star of the show is able to let others shine and take the lead when the time is right, and Rozier has no problem doing that. The whole Boston team seems to have been equipped with that mentality.

Things got a little wild winding down to the close. Although Rozier was doing his work somewhat silently in the first half, we weren’t going to let him go unnoticed the entire game. With time running out in the fourth quarter, who better to come to the rescue? Terry Rozier swooped right in, intercepting a pass from JJ Redick then threw it ahead, assisting on the bucket to Jaylen Brown to take the lead 89-87. After that is where the madness happened. As Marco Belinelli hoisted up a game tying shot with time expiring the confetti cannons were blasted off in error making everyone think that Philadelphia had won the game, but it actually had just tied the game, sending it to overtime. Coach Brown even said he thought it was a game winning 3 pointer.

You could tell the players were a little antsy as they wanted to continue on with the building going crazy, but the eruption and premature confetti caused for a 7 minute cleanup and delay.

The Sixers would start the overtime off strong, but ultimately Boston would prevail. Al Horford would go on to score the go-ahead layup, and then following a turnover by Ben Simmons, he would seal the game with two free throws, making it 101-98.

Terry Rozier didn’t lead the team in scoring, but he lead in many other ways. If it weren’t for Rozier the Celtics would not have been in a position to win this game. He had a team high 44 minutes and recorded 18 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists. He also did it once again without ANY turnovers. No, this isn’t your deja-vu kicking in.

As if you thought we couldn’t come up with a more eventful ending… We look forward to keeping you on your toes. Episode 4 could be the final episode of season 1. Stay tuned to find out…

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      1. Let me rephrase… Rozier is in a similar situation/opportunity that Harden was in couple years back behind a star PG… Rozier looks like he will blossom into a star on his next contract… Hopefully he doesn’t become like the current Harden (who flops twice per minute)

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