The Terry Rozier show Ep.2

The Terry Rozier show Ep.2

The youth on this Boston team is alive and well.  Once again lead in the depths of the playoffs by the one and only Terry Rozier.  Before coming in contact with the Celtics the Sixers had won 20 of 21 games.  Now after just two games into the WC semi finals they have been handed their first consecutive losses since February.

After the first episode we were sucked right in with brilliant coaching displays of Brad Stevens and how he’s getting the most out of his players.  A lot of us had been encapsulated by “The Process” before round two but Rozier and co. have proven we have been watching the wrong show.

Rozier once again almost attributed a triple double in the game 2 win putting up 20 points,  9 assists and 7 rebounds. Even more impressive he did it all again without ANY turnovers.  If that ain’t playoff basketball I don’t know what is.  Terry continues to show he performs best under the lights and pressure.

He played a great deal in getting his teammates involved too.  The rookie Jayson Tatum put in 21 points, Marcus smart scored 19 and Al Horford contributed with 13 points.

The most impressive part of this episode was when the Celtics over came a 22-point deficit to beat the Philadelphia 76ers to remain undefeated at home during this post season.

One of the surprising moments of episode two was of Jaylen Brown.   He returned to action after failing to make an appearance in episode 1 with a hamstring injury.  Boston was able to get the job done to open up the series without brown but his presence sure was felt in this one.  He came off the bench recording 25 minutes and made his print on the game with 13 points and a massive dunk during a 25-8 run by the celtics to end the first half.

Im sure we are all hooked now and looking forward to episode 3.  The setting and filming will be done in Philadelphia as the Sixers will be fighting for their lives to try to avoid falling behind 0-3.  As we’ve seen in history how often teams over come that.

Stay tuned…

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